Dwarf Fortress How to Get Bones, bones can be obtained in a variety of ways. Here are some methods to acquire bones:

  1. Hunting: If you have a hunter in your fortress, they can go out and hunt animals for food. When the hunter kills an animal, they will leave behind a corpse, which can be butchered for meat and bones.
  2. Butchering: If you have any animals or vermin in your fortress, you can slaughter them for meat and bones. To do this, you will need to build a butcher’s shop and assign a dwarf to the task of butchering.
  3. Trading: You can also obtain bones by trading with other civilizations. Caravans may bring bones along with other items that they offer for trade.
  4. Digging: Sometimes, when you dig out an area of soil or stone, you may uncover bones or skeletal remains. These can be collected and used for various purposes.
  5. War: If you engage in combat with other creatures or civilizations, you may be able to collect bones from fallen enemies.

Once you have obtained bones, you can use them for a variety of purposes, such as crafting bone items or using them as fuel for fires. Bones can also be used to create bone bolts for crossbows, which can be a valuable weapon for your military.


Q: Can I farm bones in Dwarf Fortress?

A: No, bones cannot be farmed in Dwarf Fortress. They can only be obtained through the methods mentioned earlier, such as hunting, butchering, trading, digging, or combat.

Q: What can I do with bones in Dwarf Fortress?

A: Bones can be used for various purposes in Dwarf Fortress. They can be crafted into bone items, such as bone bolts, which can be used as weapons by your military. Bones can also be used as fuel for fires or as material for construction.

Q: How do I ensure that my dwarves do not become upset when handling bones?

A: Some dwarves may become upset or even horrified when handling bones, especially if they have certain personality traits or beliefs. To avoid this, you can assign the task of bone handling to dwarves who are not bothered by it. You can also try to create a more pleasant environment in your fortress by decorating and providing entertainment for your dwarves.

Q: Are there any creatures that specifically drop bones in Dwarf Fortress?

A: Yes, some creatures in Dwarf Fortress are known to drop bones when killed. For example, undead creatures, such as skeletons and zombies, are composed entirely of bones and can be a good source of bone material. Other creatures, such as giant cave spiders and giant cave toads, also drop bones when killed.

Q: Can bones be used as a food source in Dwarf Fortress?

A: No, bones cannot be used as a food source in Dwarf Fortress. However, bones can be used to make bone meal, which can be used as a fertilizer for crops.

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