This article is more of a personal experience than a mere information. The other day, my father was trying to open a banking app and a pop up related to some MSA bug kept on appearing on the screen. It was actually MSA keeps stopping error. After a few hours of failed try to resolve the issue he took the phone to the MI store. The Mi executive said that they will have to install a software to get rid of this situation. He asked my father to come back the next day.

My father was not really sure if he should go for it so he highlighted the issue and asked me if I could help him out. I took a look at his phone and tried a lot of things to help him get rid of the constant popup. It worked for a few minutes then pop up appeared again. I kept trying and researching on google to see if someone else ever faced the similar issue. there I could see multiple links on this very problem.

Apparently that was an issue on MI end. Here is what all I read and will be helpful to you as well if you are going through the same issue.

What is MSA?

Let’s now understand what MSA is. The MSA application in your device represents MIUI System Ads, which is an application in a system that can’t be uninstalled. It is utilized to push advertisements to devices that accompany MIUI. These are regularly pushed through the Browser application in warning style. In reality, it is like some other framework applications. MSA is important because if it gets a stop, there can be a disturbance in many functions. So, you need to realize how to fix the issue.

What is MSA keeps stopping error?

Before starting how to fix the issue MSA Keep stopping error one should know what is MSA keeps stopping error.

Android involves a comprehensive working framework with many varieties accessible across the market – some of them are poles apart ​from stock Android that it’s hard to accept that they’re founded on AOSP. 

Regardless, even after all that heterogeneity, the OS is effectively recognizable by the combination of basic applications. We recently focused on how increasingly  OEMs are unloading a portion of their stock applications for their Google partners. 

Because of this, specific bugs emerge now, and then that influences the whole Android tech space. What’s more, one of these is the new spike in application smashing issues revealed by clients across a few OEMs. 

Shockingly, Xiaomi was one of the severely hit ones as well, and its clients have as of late been taking to gatherings and Twitter to report ‘applications continue to stop’ issues – especially with a framework administration called MSA keeps stopping error.

How to fix MSA keeps stopping errors?

Now let’s come to the guide, for you who all have been facing the issue of MSA.

Keep on reading the article.


If you wish to fix MSA keeps stopping error, you need to first open the Settings application on your device.


After that keep on scrolling the screen and click on “Apps”.


From there tap on  the “Manage App” option 


When you will reach there, from the search bar search for MSA.


Once you find the MSA App, click on it and open the “Storage” section.


After that, all you need to do is clear application information, and afterward, select the option “Uninstall App Updates” and affirm your choice.


This will resolve the issue. You need to return to the Search Bar and discover the “Android System Web View”.


After you find “Android System Web View” open the window and clear the app’s data.

Step- 9

Once you are done with the above steps, uninstall all app updates by confirming and return back to your home screen.


Then, you should simply reboot/restart your device.


This will resolve the MSA continues to stop error, however, if the problem continues again, get in touch with smartphone support.

Final Note

MSA is an irksome error message that keeps on snapping every time on the device showing that “MSA keeps stopping”. So to get it to fix, we have compiled the list of steps you guys can follow.

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