Google with the launch of the Google Pay app has brought together the ways by which payments can be done in seconds. This app acts as your digital wallet and provides an easy way to send money to your friends and family, purchasing without carrying any extra wallets like earlier days. The app directly links to your bank or cards through which payments can be made by tapping on your Android or iOS.

As the number of crimes has increased Google Pay in India provides a safe and secure platform to transfer money, to clear your bills and also one can easily do recharges by using google pay recharge.

How To Download or How To Set Up Google Pay?


You can download the app if your mobile android version is lollipop or any other updated version. If you are in the US then by using GPay you can transfer money only, otherwise, you can use other options also, before that check whether this app is available in your country.

 Google Pay On iPhone

    1. You can make online purchases, buy tickets, or boarding passes using this app. Only those users who live in the US or using IOS 7 are able to make online transfers of money.
    2. If you meet the above Google Pay criteria then go to the play store and download the Gpay app.
    3. Open the app, select the language and enter the phone number. Allow necessary permission and enter your google account and wait for verification.

For Android User

    1. Being an android user you have to add your card details and add any password or fingerprint or the safety feature. The google pay app do not work by face recognition.
    2. Make sure to turn on the NFC o your mobile. If you have any other method for payment, then you may need to make google pay as default.)
    3. If you are writing about Android separately then also write about iPhone 
    4. Add your account details and select your payment methods.

About Google Pay App

Google launched this app a few years ago and over time its users are increasing. Google pay is the payment app that works on both android and IOS versions. This app has no monthly fees and no draft charges. 

This app can only be open in one place at a time means you cannot open your app through any device as if trying to open google send some security notification to prevent.

Paying friends and business is the basic use of this app. You can pay your friend, split bills, dinner, and more, share money, and also can check who is in debt. You can also be able to set group payments. It also has a feature of QR code and with the help of this, you can share money without sharing your contact information.

Last version of this app has not many options, but the new version has many options in it. By this you can even order your meal, and you can check your receipt. 

New versions of google pay is money made simple and which you can link to your email account and google photos so you can have an image of your receipt and it will use OCR technology to scan through them and maintain finance.

Google pay helps you with your business plans, you can check recent transactions, past purchases, and sales. It can also provide offers on any object and it can be directly adding to your object which is in the cart.

This app helps you keep your credit, debit, or any other card on the touch of your hand. It has made your shopping wallet free. You can purchase anything anywhere and at any time. By the help of this you can add fuel from any fuel station and if in case you give money in hands then they can return you through this. You can check the offer or sale on any item available.

Another addition in this app is PLAID. Means this app acts as a middleman which provides you a full view of your account. You can check how much is spent, recent activity and view balance.

This app also provides help in getting plane ticket, boarding passes. You can also buy tickets for any concert or any other place. It  can help you in making transactions easily. And you can connect your Google Pay account to your bank account for more ease.

Google pay helps you in paying for parking which makes it quick and easy for users. It is designed in a way that helps in making commuting stress free and saves commuters’ time. When you download the app there is an option of passport parking which allows the user to pay for parking without need of filling the application form.

You can earn rewards and sometimes cashback on your transaction which  can help you to ease your business.

According to google privacy policy, your account details are not shared with anyone. Only google pay can enter your account to provide you any offer and any information.

In 2021 google will launch  a new banking service called PLEX and it will help you in checking your account but keep in mind it will not provide any banking service by itself rather it will connect some online banks. Google has lined some banks which will provide their services from 2021.

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