Whatsapp, one of the most trendy messenger apps, keeps updating its new features for its users. So that they get an amazing experience. This time it has provided the confirmation of an exciting feature of disappearing the messages. It will be soon going live, which will enable you to disappear the messages after 7 days of the sent messages. Whether in a group chat or to individuals. The messages that have been sent earlier without enabling the feature will not be affected at all.

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Through this feature, not only the chat messages but the media can also be controlled. When you send the media in chats with this feature turned on they will also disappear. But as media automatically gets downloaded it can be accessed.

Important Points To Remember

There are a few points to keep in mind before enabling this unique feature:

  • The message is quoted when you reply the same, remember that these quoted texts will be present in the chat after 7 days.
  • If you fail to read the received message within seven days it will disappear from the chat, but still can be seen in the notification on Whatsapp.
  • When you forward a disappearing message, without keeping the feature on, the message can be seen in the chat and will not disappear 
  • If you want to keep the disappearing messages with you, create a backup for the same but it will disappear when you restore it from a backup.
  • This feature doesn’t allow you customization of time, it is fixed to 7 days. 

When you want that message you sent should be disappeared without leaving a trace to make sure it is sent to trusted individuals:

  • As there is a possibility that a screenshot might be taken. 
  • Content can be saved or copied before it disappears. 

With the launch of the disappearing feature, many of you might be confused about how you can use it on your Whatsapp. Now you don’t have to go anywhere for this knowledge as we have made it available right here. Let’s take a look at these simple steps.

 Steps to Use Whatsapp Disappearing Messages Feature

By following these basic steps you can have access to a new to be  launched feature of Whatsapp

Step -1

First, you need to open Whatsapp and then select the contact name for whom you want to exercise the feature of disappearing.


Next, select the option of “Disappearing Messages”.


If prompted, click on “Continue”.


Now select “On/ Off “as per your preference.


In the case of a group chat, select the group for which you want to send disappearing messages. In groups, only the admin can exercise this feature.

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Like any other messenger app, Whatsapp is soon coming up with a new feature. Where you can disappear your sent messages. You can enable and disable the feature any time you want, without any difficulty. To keep you updated about this feature and to make it convenient to be enabled we have mentioned everything that you need.

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