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How to convert PDF to Word? – 100% free and simple

Word and PDF are the most widely used writing softwares be it professional work or personal writing.  Most of the offices , schools , universities etc ,demands work to be submitted in either word or the pdf format . Therefore , we provide you some simpler and easy methods to convert a pdf into word . 

Know about how to convert word to pdf here 

This article will provide you with some simpler and easy ways to convert PDF to Word with the help of Microsoft Office. There is no need for any additional softwares or applications for this conversion , it can easily be done within the Microsoft Office .  It happens many a times that you need to make some changes in your pdf file and to get more versatility you often wanted to use word for inculcating those changes . 

In Addition to this, since the Overwhelming Majority of PDF Documents begin as Word paperwork, in my own opinion, Microsoft includes a massive advantage in converting PDF documents into Word documents that can also be editable with variety of features . 

Here I have listed the simple steps for converting your PDF file into Word documents. Also the conversion process for both PC and android is stated here –


Simpler methods to convert pdf to word 

Here we provide you some simpler and easy methods to convert a pdf into word –

Method 1 to convert PDF to word

On a PC


Step 1

Search for the PDF you wish to convert. You can open it directly from the search bar.

Step 2

Right-click on that PDF. Doing this may prompt a Dropdown Menu.

When using Mac, click on the PDF and then on File located in the display screens top-left corner.

Step 3

Select the Open with option. It is Close to the top of the dropdown menu. A Pop-Out list will appear· 

On the Mac, You will get this option close to the top of the File dropdown menu.

Step 4


Now click on Word. It is in the Pop Out list.

On the Mac, you have to click on MicroSoft Word.

Step 5

Click on the OK button when it appears. That allows Microsoft Word to start up the PDF as a Word file.

If you downloaded the PDF online, click on Enable Editing located near the window at the top and then click OK again just before proceeding.

Step 6

Edit the Word document if needed. Just with any PDF conversion, the File might not have the perfect page-to-page correspondence as of line breaks, page breaks, images, etc. forth. As such, the Document might need a manual modification.

Step 7

Save the converted PDF. As you’re done saving the PDF file in the form of a Word document, do the following:-

Windows – Click on File, click on Save, double-click on This PC, input a document name, choose a save location across the left side of this window and then click on Save.

Mac – Click on File, then click Save, input Name, then choose a document spot, and then click on Save.


Method 2 to convert PDF to word

On an Android

There are various apps available on Android by which you can convert your PDF file into a Word Document. I have discussed two most widely used apps available for such conversion –

Apowersoft PDF Converter

Apowersoft PDF Converter is an expert PDF into Word conversing tool which is widely used on Android. This app includes a standard design, which means you may choose various purposes to convert your documents. The app displays a few widely used document formats( including Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, PNG, etc.) .  It makes the conversion process little easy and fast . 

Here are the basic steps on how to change PDF into Word on Android.

Step 1

Download and open the app on your Android mobile.

Step 2

Click on the “PDF into Word” button on the main interface. Then tap on “Select File,” and then select the document and press Done.

Step 3

Tap the “Convert” option and then wait patiently till the task gets completed.

Step 4

You may then click on the “View Document” option to find your Word document or move to “Me” >”Nearby documents” to find your files that are processed.


PDF Conversion Suite

PDF Navigation Package is another app which you can use to convert PDF to Word files on Android. Besides the files saved in your Android phone, the app also enables one to even choose Google-Drive files for conversion. It can also transform large-size PDF files into Word documents. With only two or three taps, the conversion process gets completed . 

Here I have mentioned the steps to use it:-

Step 1

Proceed to Google App and then download the app.

Step 2

Within this app’s interface, choose “Convert PDF into Word,” then select the document you want.

Step 3

As the conversion gets finished, your converted document will automatically be saved on your mobile phone.


Final Words

So, these are some simpler ways by which you can efficiently convert your PDF files into Word documents from within Microsoft Word.The more complex your PDF file is at the beginning of the conversion, the low perfect the resulting Word document will be. Nevertheless, this is a fantastic approach to manipulate this information inside a PDF without retyping any text.

How to customize your Roblox avatar like a pro?

Roblox is a gaming platform quite popular as it offers to create games.  Here you also get to customize your Roblox Avatar. So if you are Looking for an awesome  Roblox avatar here is the guide to be followed. It allows you to plan your design and appearance for your games. Normally, it allows you to express your character through your advanced Roblox symbol.

Before starting  let’s see how to create Roblox avatar?

Making your Roblox avatar is very simple. Visit the Roblox site and make an account. Simply tap on the ‘Avatar’ on the left of the screen, where you’ll see your Avatar is all set. It’s consequently made when you join, so there’s no danger of you unintentionally wrecking this piece.

Browser: How to create Roblox avatar?

If you want to add an item 

Step-1 Open the Roblox

Step-2 Then visit the avatar editor page, click on the drop-down menu, and from there click on the category you need to select whether be hat, hair, face, or others.

Step-3 If you want to select multiple items keep on scrolling until you find the items.

Step-4 When you are done with the selection, tap on the item-icon, it will turn to green. 

Note: You can also add more than the soft-limit for the item, you just need to tap on  Advanced in the lower-right corner. After that one can add up to 10 items by entering the Asset ID which can be found in the item link. 

To remove an item

Step-1 At the Avatar Editor page, tap on Recent, or select the material classification (for example cap, hair, face, and so forth).

Step-2  At the drop-down menu, worn things ought to be among the initially recorded. if you don’t want to select from the applicable category, keep scrolling you will find what you would like to remove.

Step-3 Click on the green item-icon.

Note: If you have added or eliminated a thing and your symbol isn’t accurately showing it, tap the “Redraw” link under your symbol’s image.

How To change skin colour to customize your Roblox avatar?

Step-1 You may get bore of the same appearance of the avatar, so here you can change items /clothes effortlessly.

Step-2 Also many times you might be having the thought to change the skin color of your avatar. 

Step-3 Here are the steps to guide you with changing your avatar’s skin color through the Roblox website.

Step-4 Visit the Avatar section of your Roblox account on the left of the page.

Step-5 On this page, hover your cursor over the pull-down menu, and tap on Skin Tone.  After that, click on a tone to change the appearance of your avatar.

Also if you need an alternate tone for each body part, tap Advanced in the lower-right corner. Now, select a body part and afterward select the ideal tone.

How to delete items from your Roblox inventory item? or How to wear items from your inventory in Roblox?


Step-1 Click on the item in your inventory you want to wear or remove.

Step-2 If want to wear the item, slide the slide bar behind Wear This to Yes.

Step-3 If you want to remove the item, slide the slide bar Wear This to No.


Step-1 Click on the More tab available at the bottom of the screen.

Step-2 Click on  Avatar.

Step-3 Now you can dress your avatar as you wish through the website. 

Final Note

Customizing the avatar for the game is just a matter of picking the choices you make how you look. Tweaking your Roblox avatar doesn’t influence how the game plays, however it makes the experience more amazing, which can be significant if you are thinking put a ton of energy on the stage. Follow the above steps to customize your Roblox avatar.

How To Fix MSA Keeps Stopping Error?

This article is more of a personal experience than a mere information. The other day, my father was trying to open a banking app and a pop up related to some MSA bug kept on appearing on the screen. It was actually MSA keeps stopping error. After a few hours of failed try to resolve the issue he took the phone to the MI store. The Mi executive said that they will have to install a software to get rid of this situation. He asked my father to come back the next day.

My father was not really sure if he should go for it so he highlighted the issue and asked me if I could help him out. I took a look at his phone and tried a lot of things to help him get rid of the constant popup. It worked for a few minutes then pop up appeared again. I kept trying and researching on google to see if someone else ever faced the similar issue. there I could see multiple links on this very problem.

Apparently that was an issue on MI end. Here is what all I read and will be helpful to you as well if you are going through the same issue.

What is MSA?

Let’s now understand what MSA is. The MSA application in your device represents MIUI System Ads, which is an application in a system that can’t be uninstalled. It is utilized to push advertisements to devices that accompany MIUI. These are regularly pushed through the Browser application in warning style. In reality, it is like some other framework applications. MSA is important because if it gets a stop, there can be a disturbance in many functions. So, you need to realize how to fix the issue.

What is MSA keeps stopping error?

Before starting how to fix the issue MSA Keep stopping error one should know what is MSA keeps stopping error.

Android involves a comprehensive working framework with many varieties accessible across the market – some of them are poles apart ​from stock Android that it’s hard to accept that they’re founded on AOSP. 

Regardless, even after all that heterogeneity, the OS is effectively recognizable by the combination of basic applications. We recently focused on how increasingly  OEMs are unloading a portion of their stock applications for their Google partners. 

Because of this, specific bugs emerge now, and then that influences the whole Android tech space. What’s more, one of these is the new spike in application smashing issues revealed by clients across a few OEMs. 

Shockingly, Xiaomi was one of the severely hit ones as well, and its clients have as of late been taking to gatherings and Twitter to report ‘applications continue to stop’ issues – especially with a framework administration called MSA keeps stopping error.

How to fix MSA keeps stopping errors?

Now let’s come to the guide, for you who all have been facing the issue of MSA.

Keep on reading the article.


If you wish to fix MSA keeps stopping error, you need to first open the Settings application on your device.


After that keep on scrolling the screen and click on “Apps”.


From there tap on  the “Manage App” option 


When you will reach there, from the search bar search for MSA.


Once you find the MSA App, click on it and open the “Storage” section.


After that, all you need to do is clear application information, and afterward, select the option “Uninstall App Updates” and affirm your choice.


This will resolve the issue. You need to return to the Search Bar and discover the “Android System Web View”.


After you find “Android System Web View” open the window and clear the app’s data.

Step- 9

Once you are done with the above steps, uninstall all app updates by confirming and return back to your home screen.


Then, you should simply reboot/restart your device.


This will resolve the MSA continues to stop error, however, if the problem continues again, get in touch with smartphone support.

Final Note

MSA is an irksome error message that keeps on snapping every time on the device showing that “MSA keeps stopping”. So to get it to fix, we have compiled the list of steps you guys can follow.

How to shift from WhatsApp to Signal: Chat Transfer Guide

WhatsApp’s revelation of its new privacy policy has made many of its users’ shift to other messaging platforms. Users collectively objected this. This made WhatsApp to shift the implementation date from 8th of February.

WhatsApp in its new privacy policy has claimed that it will share the user’s WhatsApp account registration, phone number, service-related information, transaction data, IP address, and much other private information with its parent app, i.e. Facebook.

This new privacy policy created a big buzz among WhatsApp users and they unitedly objected to this policy on different social media platforms. Many of its users are shifting to platforms like Telegram and Signal. A tweet from Elon Musk stating “USE SIGNAL”, has made the majority of the users of messaging apps shift to Signal.

How to switch from WhatsApp to signal?

The signal is a messaging app with a centralized encrypted messaging service. It was developed by the Signal Technology foundation and Signal Messenger LLC. You can send one-to-one messages to people in the form of images, videos, voice notes, and files. It can run on all platforms, IOS, desktop, and Android as well.

Though the app was launched back in 2014, it is only now that it has gained a buzz. Many people are thinking of switching to this platform. Here’s how you could switch from WhatsApp to signal.

Download or install the Signal app on your device 

You need to install the Signal app on your device. You can download it from Google play store or Apple iStore. The app is platform-independent and thus runs on every device.

  • Enter the mobile number

Once the app is downloaded on your device, you need to open the app. The screen that pops-up asks for your mobile number. Enter the mobile number with which you want to create a signal account.

  • Enter verification code

Once you enter your mobile number, another screen will be displayed, which will ask for a verification code. The verification code would have been sent to your entered mobile number. Enter the verification code and press enter.

  • Create a security pin

The screen that comes up will ask you to create a pin for your signal account. You will have to enter this pin each time you enter the account. Though it is not mandatory, it is always advised to create a strong Alpha-numeric password for your account. The pin must be at least four-digit long.

  • Complete your profile

You can now move forward with creating your profile on your account. You will be asked to add a username and a profile picture to your account.

Username is generally expected to be your first name, but you can keep the any name that you want to be displayed. You can also keep an emoji as your username. The first name column is mandatory while the last name column is an optional one.

Once you complete your profile, click save and move on.

  • Start chatting

The main page now comes up. You can now start chatting with your friends, family, and relatives. Click on the pencil icon placed on the bottom right (in Android) or upper-right ( on iOS) and search for the contact. To invite your selected contact click on invite button. Along with individuals, Signal allows you to have group conversations as well.


How to import your message chats from WhatsApp to signal?

Due to security reasons, if you are thinking of shifting the platform from WhatsApp to signal, you must want to import messages. Though there is no direct way to import your WhatsApp messages, after vivid research we have found two not-so-popular options.

Option 1- iMazing

iMazing is the best option to save all your WhatsApp messages. You could search and read your regular chats through iMazing. iMazing takes the data from the local backup available at your computer and turns the WhatsApp backup into the Chat-like format similar to the WhatsApp format.

iMazing is a paid option. It costs $44.99 to export the data from two devices. If you increase the number of devices, the price increases accordingly. If you do not have a computer or an iPhone, iMazing would not work. 

Option 2- WhatsApp chat parser

It allows you to see your WhatsApp chats in web format. You can easily find your messages and reference to use chats using this option. This option does not have media support, thus you will have to export WhatsApp’s media to find the reference to your chats.

This option is available for free and is platform-independent as well. Thus this is considered to be the better option of the two.

Final Words

WhatsApp was considered to be one of the safest messaging platforms. Though, the scenario is not the same anymore. Signal has proved to be a good replacement for WhatsApp. Almost all the features of WhatsApp have been incorporated in Signal. You could send videos, photos, and text messages, and stay connected with your friends and family.

How to switch off your “off-Facebook activity” tracking from website and app?

Facebook is the largest platform that connects individuals by the way of messaging, posting, or videos. It contains a large amount of information about your interactions with businesses and associations using its business tools, such as Facebook Login and Facebook Pixel. Temporary logging out will not allow you to stop sharing that information. Even If you uninstall the Facebook app from your phone information will still present.

In January 2020, Facebook come up with the ‘off-Facebook activity’ tool to let users take a look at the information which social networking site gets from third parties.

You can decide to turn off your future off-Facebook activity To Manage Future Activity setting. Doing it is a very simple task that can be done with few clicks. Want to know How to switch off your “off-facebook activity” tracking from website and app you are at the right place. Keep on reading the article.

Before starting with the steps to be followed let’s see the outcome when you turn off your future off-Facebook activity.

What happens when an Individual switch off your “off-Facebook activity” tracking 

  • Your future off-Facebook activity will be disconnected within 48 hours from when it’s received. During this time it may be used for measurement purposes and to make improvements to our ads systems.
  • When an individual decides to turn off his future activity for all apps and websites, he will automatically disconnect all his past off-Facebook activity.
  • sponsors can show ads as per the actions performed by individuals. For Instance, when you like a business page. Additionally, they can transfer client records and show their ads to individuals on that record. you can be more familiar with sponsors utilizing this list on your Ad Preferences page.
  • One will be able to see the ads of the same number but they will be less personal to them.
  • To sign in with Facebook again, one needs to allow access to information from the same application or website if wish to be connected with a Facebook account. Otherwise, You might be logged out of apps and websites.

Steps to switch off your future off-Facebook activity for all apps and websites


Firstly you to login in the Facebook using your ID and Password.


Then you need to click on the drop-down icon in the top right of Facebook.


After clicking there will be a dialogue select Settings & Privacy


In settings and Privacy, select Settings.


On the left panel select Your Facebook Information, after then click Off-Facebook Activity.


Click on More Options. Then select Manage Future Activity > Manage Future Activity.


Click on next to Future Off-Facebook Activity, then select the option
Turn Off” and then you are done with turn off your future off-Facebook activity.

To turn off your future off-Facebook activity for one app or website:


Again you need to click on the top right corner of the Facebook screen.


There click on Select Settings and privacy, after that select Settings.


On the left panel, Click on Your Facebook Information, then select Off-Facebook Activity.


Click on Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity. When you will click on it a dialogue box will appear asking you to re-enter your password.


Click on the application or website you want to review.


Click on Turn off future activity from [name of business or organization], then select Turn Off.

Some Other Ways to manage the Facebook experience of individual 

There are many other methods with which you can have control over your Facebook activities. To know more keep on reading the article.

  • If you want You can have more control over your information even without turning off your off-Facebook activity. We are here to with ways to have strict control of your Facebook experience.
  • If you wish to watch more content that is of your interest, you need to keep the news feed preferences updated regularly.
  • Tweak your Ad Preferences to see ads that are more relevant to you. From here, you can refresh your ad settings to control things like if we decide to show you advertisements dependent on your utilization of applications and sites off Facebook.
  • You can likewise hide an advertisement that isn’t intriguing or helpful to you or survey why you’re seeing a specific advertisement.
  • If you need to make sure that you’re sharing your information with whom you wish, perform Privacy Checkup regularly.

Final words

Off-Facebook activity is a new tool that offers control and manages the activities securely. Facebook can get access to information about your activity on other apps and websites. But now you control it. If you want you can also disconnect that data from your account with some simple steps. But when you opt for these options there will also be consequences so before taking the final decision give a deep thought to it.

How To Talk To Yourself On WhatsApp?


WhatsApp is the most popular application among users for connecting. This messaging app has more than 1 billion active users. The reason behind such great popularity is its updates and always rolling out new features. Recently it has rolled out WhatsApp payments, disappearing messages, and many other features. Does this increase the curiosity of users about what’s coming up next? Now you can talk to yourself on WhatsApp. If you want to know more about this latest update of WhatsApp you are at the right place.

Talk to yourself on the WhatsApp feature can be very useful for every individual. With this feature, one can have their important files, documents, and links, or any other things one click away. Apart from these, you can also maintain a to-do-list for a day very quickly and in logical ways.

 How to talk to yourself on WhatsApp?

Let’s have a look at steps how to talk to yourself on WhatsApp.

Here we offer you the alternatives so that you can send messages, pictures, voice notes, or any important file to yourself.  To learn more keep on reading the article.

Method-1 WhatsApp Direct


Firstly, you need to open the browser on your device (can be Google Chrome).


In the address bar enter wa.me//. Also along with that enter the country code and after that your mobile number. For instance, for UK country code is 44 then in the address bar you will enter –wa.me//4479XXXXXXXX


After that, a screen will open with an invitation to chat with the mentioned number and there will be a button that says “Continue to chat.” 


Click on continue to chat to proceed further.


After this, a new chat with yourself will pop up in WhatsApp and you can start sending yourself messages or different multimedia files.

Now your chat with yourself string has been created, it will always be there. At whatever point you need to bookmark a URL or connection, or allude back to a book sometime in the future, simply send it as a message in your string.

Also, you can keep utilizing the string similarly to some other WhatsApp chats, as long as you are not deleting it, or uninstall WhatsApp without having a backup.

Anchor chat for better  accessibility

If you want to open the chat with yourself more directly, WhatsApp offers you the convenience to keep up to three conversations at the top of the message list.

For that, you just need to press and the concerned chat which you want to Pin. select the 1st option on the top. To unpin the chat again you just need to deselect the option again.

You can also transfer money through WhatsApp using the new WhatsApp payment feature. To know more click here

Method -2 Create Contact

You can simply start the conversation with yourself on WhatsApp with this method as well.


In the first step, you need to save your WhatsApp number in the contact list, like you save other numbers. 


Now open your WhatsApp and refresh the contact list. For this, you first need to click on the message icon at the bottom screen, then on three vertical dots on the top. From there tap on refresh.


After this, you will see that your number is on the chat list. From there you can send the message and talk to yourself.

Method-3  Create A Group 


To begin with, talk to yourself on WhatsApp-you need to open WhatsApp.


Now from Menu, click on the New group.


Choose the group name and proceed further by clicking on the next.


Add any one of your friends to your group.


Tap on Create group to get done with the group creation process.


Now in your group, there will be only two members (you and your friend). The next step is to remove your added friend from the new group.


Now you will be the only member of the group. When you want you can send messages to this group and they will be sent to you only. 

Final note  

Above there are various methods that can help you to talk to yourself on WhatsApp with simple steps. This is the best way to keep important work handy and you don’t need to scroll down the previous chats to search for the message. Just forward it to yourself and access it whenever you want.

How to create INSTAGRAM Reels?


‘Switch in my positions for you ‘.

‘O sanam mohabbat ki kasam ‘

‘sorry I can’t talk right now I am doing a hot girl shit ‘ and so many more.

Throughout the day we have been vibing on these at every corner of our house.  Just because of one amazing feature launched by Instagram that is Reels. At the start of August as a competition to TikTok, Instagram launched reels to engage and connect with more and more of its users by creating short and interesting videos of 15 to 30 seconds. People quickly switched to the trend to create Instagram reels.

Reels – 15 seconds of grasping attention 

Initially it captured the attention of  tween and young adult audience and served as a great platform for promoting entertaining and quick content. Recently it also became a great promotional tool for businesses and startups. They can market their products and make their content reach large number of people. Using creatively designed educative and informative short videos, the companies ultimately enjoy the enhanced sales. 

Reels gave people a unique platform to express themselves, to promote their art and enable them to kick start their journey of becoming a content creator .

Here is one quick guide on how to make amazing and aesthetically pleasing Instagram reels .


How to create reels on Instagram ?

  1. The very first step is to update your Instagram app through Google play store.

This is not particularly related to reels but with time Instagram releases many new features which can get activated only when you will update the app.

2. Start by opening the Instagram Stories camera and selecting the Reels option.

You’ll see a variety of creative editing tools on the left side of your screen which you can use to create your reel.

3. Shoot your video using your phone camera (either front or back).

Before shooting your video, you can search for a song from the Instagram music library to accompany your reel. You can even use your own original audio by simply recording a reel along with it. (Picture attached)

NOTE – When you share a reel with original audio, no one will have access to your audio and no one will be able to use it. Instead if you have a public account, people can create their own reels with your audio by selecting “Use Audio” from your reel.

4. Set your timer and countdown.

Timer is available maximum up to 30 seconds. The timer allows you to record your clips hands-free. Once you press record, you’ll see a countdown. You will see it just before recording begins for the amount of time you selected (either 3 to 1 or 10 to 1).

5. You can edit your reels using many filters and effects created by Instagram and creators all over the world.

The effects are available in Instagram’s effects gallery and you can create multiple clips using these amazing and aesthetic effects.

6. Speed up or slow down part of the video or audio you selected. This can help you in making fast- forward or slow motion videos.

7. Once you select all the options related to effects, timer, speed and audio record your Instagram Reel. Just press and hold the capture button, as you will record you will see a progress indicator at the top of your screen. Reels can be recorded in a series of clips (one at a time), all at once, or using video uploads from your phone gallery.

8. Once you are done with the recording you can further edit your videos by adding stickers, text and GIFs.

You can even choose till when you want your text to appear in your reel . For e.g. , if you want your text to appear only at the end of your reel then adjust the slider accordingly so that it covers only the last few seconds of the video.

How to Share REEL on Instagram?

 After you create Instagram Reels , tap the next button to share your reel. You can add caption and hashtags to your reels, edit the video thumbnail (either choosing a clip from your video or importing another image from your gallery ), tag your friends and select where you want it to be shared. (either in the reel explore section or only on your feed).

You can share reels with your followers on your feed where it will appear under a new reels section on your profile., and, if you have a public account, then you can even share it with wider public through a new space in Explore.  Reels in Explore gives everyone an opportunity to become a content creator and, to make their art reach more and more people. According to Instagram, “reels in Explore offers anyone the chance to become a creator on Instagram and reach new audiences on a global stage.”. Also in case of a public account people can even use your original audio from your reel. If you have a private account then you will be able to share your reel only on your feed. You can further share it on your story and may even send to your followers via direct message. No one will be able to use your original audio in this case.

How To Make Amazing Instagram Reels?


Instagram Reels’ popularity is growing by the second, and everyday lakhs of people are giving their best in delivering quality content and entertaining the audience. Therefore to make your content shine in the crowd and to get millions of views on your reels, we provide you a quick guide on how to make AMAZING and APPEALING Instagram reels.

The Instagram world is more about staying on top and beating the algorithm to do so, so you can know more about how to outgrow the Instagram algorithm in 2021?

  1. Focus on quality 

Since you will be posting content on social media and many people will be influenced by it so always try to deliver quality. Try to find out what people like to see, what type of content is most shared, what are the latest trends going on, and develop your content accordingly. Never use any derogatory or offensive content in your reels. This will not only lead to decreasing in your followers but may even lead to the removal of your account on Instagram. Apart from content quality, also focus on the video quality of your reel. Use a tripod to shoot your reel. Use different effects and filters available in the Instagram effect gallery to make your video aesthetically pleasing. Decorate it with different text layouts, stickers, and GIFs to make it more interesting and appealing.

2. Look for a good location 

Always try to look for a good location to shoot your reel. Your location should match the content you are creating. For example, if you are creating a dance reel then shooting it in front of some monument, at a dance studio or terrace will make it more attractive rather than shooting it at your home. Also if you are shooting it at your home then make sure that your background is good. Your dance, art, song, etc will definitely attract people but the background, location, and vibe you will create will make people watch your reel a no. of times, therefore, leading to an increase in the number of your views.

3. Focus on originality 

Always avoid plagiarism. Do get inspired by the content of other people but never copy it. Use your creativity and always deliver original content. Make a note of all the latest trends on social media that you can inculcate in your content, look for new features and effects that are trending and make the best use of them. A well pre-researched creatively designed Instagram reel will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

4. Build your network 

Along with focusing on your reel, also pay attention to the reels of famous content creators. Comment, like, and share their reels. Get inspired by their content and try to connect with them. This will help you in improving the quality of your content and will also increase your reach. Always remember, to sustain on social media the golden rule is to support and promote content that inspires you. If you will give importance to other content, they will do the same for you and the cycle goes on.

5. Be well informed 

Before making a reel, do equip yourself with all the information related to it. Make the best use of all the features available. Use AR effects, Instagram music, and aesthetic filters to make your reels more appealing. Be well versed with all the latest updates related to it. Use appropriate hashtags and captions with your reels and tag accounts related to your content in the caption. Share your Reels in the Explore tab for better discovery.

6. Keep it simple 

Most of the people on Instagram look for entertaining and refreshing content therefore going into more technical and educative content may make your reel boring. Also, it’s always better to use fewer words and more video content in your reel. Even if you are adding the text in your reel, make sure you add it with some effect like a pop-up or fade-out.

7. Utilize every second of it 

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How to register for Covid-19 Vaccine in India?


Recently, the drug’s regulator of India approved Covid-19 vaccine , on 3rd Jan 2021. Covishield by Serum Institute of India and Covaxin by Bharat Biotech are the two vaccines which might save India. The Union Ministry of Health and family welfare has issued guidelines for the Covid-19 vaccine in India in the first phases.

It has become a topic to debate about both companies whose vaccines have been approved. The central government will distribute the vaccines among the states taking the suggestions by the National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration. The whole Covid 19 Vaccination process will be similar to the elections process.

Here’s all you need to know about how to register for the Covid-19 vaccine.

Who will get the Covid-19 vaccine first?

  • Healthcare workers

One crore health workers working with both government and private hospitals will inoculate first as per the announcement of The National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration for Covid-19 (NEGVAC). Further, the health workers will get divided into sub-categories of frontline workers and Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS)workers. The nurses and supervisors, medical staff, support teams, and medical students will also be under this list.

CoWIN (Covid Vaccines Intelligence Work) will need the data from both the sectors. Central Government introduced this digital platform to maintain the information about the distribution of the vaccine system.

  • Frontline workers

Two crore frontline workers are connected with central and state government services.  Services such as police forces, armed forces, civil services, home guard department, prison staff, workers engaged in contentment region, municipal workers, and revenue officials associated with Covid-19 surveillance and other activities.

Fellow workers connected with state government and ministries of defense, urban affairs, and housing will also receive the vaccination in the first phase.

  • People aged above 50 years

The vaccination process among people above 50 years is divided into two age groups. One group above 60 years and another one in between 50-60 years of age. As per the latest update of Lok Sabha and Legislative Assembly elections will be the criteria to identify the age group.

People born on or before 1st Jan 1971 will come under this category. Age will be calculated till 1st Jan 2021 for the vaccination process.

  • Contaminant zone

The National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration for Covid-19 (NEGVAC) has decided that the State Government and Union Territories have the authority to distribute the vaccine too high infected areas or contaminant zones.

  • Vaccine for the remaining population

Only after the priority members are covered, the vaccine will reach the remaining population. The vaccination will further distribute depending upon the availability and disease of the person. People with diseases like diabetes, cancer, hypertension, lung diseases, etc. will be on the priority list.

How to register for the Covid-19 vaccine in India?

The vaccine will not be available for common people in the starting days. First frontline health workers will get the vaccine shots, then it will be available for the rest of the population. The self-registration module will get implement once CoWIN App gets ready to download from the google play store and website which will give the options to register all types of data i.e. self, individual, and in bulk.

Here’s how it will be done:

  •         Get register on the CoWIN Website
  •         When enrolled, date and time will be assigned for inoculation
  •         There will be no on the spot enrollment and just pre-enlisted recipients will be permitted to continue for the immunization.
  •         District administration will be answerable for the vaccination process under CoWIN system. They will endorse the recipients for meeting and site distribution. CoWIN will have an inbuilt observing and detailing instrument.

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How the Covid-19 Vaccination Team is distributed?

The vaccination team is distributed to 5 members for assisting the process under the guidelines of the Covid-19 vaccine in India. The people who have registered for register for Covid-19 Vaccine will get the vaccine under the supervision of individual officers.

Role: Vaccination Officer 1: In-control for pre-checking registration status of the recipient and personal ID confirmation prior to going into the vaccination process.

Vaccination Officer 2: Responsible for confirming/checking the documents submitted in the Co-WIN system (Health/ICDS/other government divisions for example political decision model)

Vaccination Officer 3:

In-charge of inoculating the recipients (Doctors, Staff Nurse, Pharmacist, ANM, LHV). After attending proper training vaccination will be conducted as it is an intramuscular vaccine.

Vaccination Officer 4 and 5: Responsible to manage the crowd and 30-min observation ensuring if the recipient is not suffering from side effects.

Where will you get vaccinated for Covid In India?

Vaccination sites are allotted under the observation of medical administration.

Fixed Session Sites: With the presence of both government and private hospital staff is considered a fixed Covid-19 vaccination session site.

Outreach Session Sites: Despite medicals, schools, colleges, community halls, etc. is considered as an outreach session site.

Special Remote Sites: There are various remote areas where medical facilities cannot reach such as tribal regions, border areas, etc. District administrations have to distribute the team as per the requirements.

 Final Note

Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare will conduct the guidelines for the Covid-19 vaccine in India under the observation. Though the vaccine is voluntary, not mandatory for everyone. However, the government has suggested the common people take the vaccine to complete the dosage.  People with any critical diseases will be on the priority list.