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How To Setup Nintendo Switch? Step By Step Guide


Congratulations! on your new Nintendo Switch. So what’s next? You have come here means you are in the right place, we will guide you from scratch to set up the new  Nintendo Switch. It is the most unique gaming console, which is easy to carry and allows you to play a variety of games wherever and whenever you want. To set up Nintendo Switch is an easy process but lengthy. Here, in this guide, we will guide you with all the processes from the initial step till playing the game.


What comes in the Nintendo Switch console?

You will find the gaming console of a screen touch tablet, two joy-con controllers (two joy-con strips and grip), HDMI cable link, AC power cable, and console dock (black square oval size with a logo behind).

You can use this console with a TV connection or without it. If you will connect with TV  then it will make you feel like a PlayStation. But the first step first is to start the console first. Simply start the power button which is on the top right of the console.


How to get started with the Nintendo Switch Console?

  1. Basic connection process: Connect the Joy-Con controllers. The screen of the tablet will show which Joy-Con goes on which side, but still, if you will try to connect anyway then also it will not get connected as the setup of the console is done in that way. The minus button will go on the left and the plus button will go on the right.


  1. Select your language and region. 


  1. Connect to network: Connect the device with the wireless network which is available at your place. Insert the password and you can connect it or save it for later after the setup is done. 


  1. Pick your time zone. 


  1. Connect to TV: You can easily connect the console with the TV or skip this step. If you proceed to connect with the TV you have to disconnect the Joy-con controllers and switch the dock to your TV.

To know about How to connect Nintendo Switch with a TV? you can read our article.


  1. User name and id: Choose your profile icon and a user name. This icon and name will get displayed on other player’s screens well. One user can create 7 different profiles with the same screen. The profile name can contain 10 characters only.


  1. Parental Controls Settings: It is obvious that children will play this Nintendo Switch gaming console. Before handing the gadget to the children parents can monitor the usage of the device, restrict some features if not willing to allow the children, and can get notifications on your smart devices. Look at our Parental Controls management for step by step headings on the best way to set this up. After these settings, you will come back to the home screen.


  1. Extra connections setting: Once on the home screen, you would now be able to synchronize any extra controllers that you may have. In case if you have any extra joy-con controllers and want to experience a much better gaming experience keep reading. You can simply go to the bottom of the screen. Now choose a pair of new controllers to add Joy-con or pro controllers. To connect press sync on the Joy-con controller along with the screen. A Nintendo Switch can support 4 controllers at the same time.


  1. Wired Network connection: In case you can’t connect with a remote connection or that case you favor a wired association, you can decide to utilize a wired LAN connector rather than Wi-Fi. In the System Settings menu, pick the Internet tab and afterward pick Wired Connection to have your system perceive an ethernet link. LAN connectors are sold independently and utilize a USB plug that can be embedded in any of Switch’s 3 accessible USB ports. 


  1. Play out a system update: Before you can do things like accessing the eShop or play around with the online gaming system, you’ll need to download and update the most recent framework firmware. In case you’re as of now associated with the web, you can open the e-shop. Also, you can explore the System Settings menu and look to the base System tab to provoke an update check. 


  1. Make or sign in to a Nintendo Account: If you want to access the switch online features, then the Switch should be connected to a Nintendo Account, which should be made through a PC or online gadget at this web address, and can’t be made on the system.


There you go with your new Nintendo Switch. Now you can easily access the device and play anywhere and anytime.


Still, facing problems in set up?

Are you still facing trouble in setting up the Nintendo Switch? Do let us know by commenting below in our comments section.

How to fight Corona Virus with UV rays?


With the Outbreak of coronavirus, people have become more conscious about safety. The vaccine to fight Covid-19 is still under discovery. Although many times the news broke that medicine to cure the virus is in the market. There has still been no assurance that the medicines will fight corona virus and save the world from the pandemic. Initially, the world was scared, and now people have adapted to the “New Norms”. 

Fight Corona Virus

To be safe from this deadly virus certain guidelines for precautions to be taken have been laid by the WHO(World Health Organization). These guidelines have proven to be effective in controlling the effect of covid-19 but do not make you 100% safe. There is a long list of precautions one has to take to tackle the current situation 

  • Wearing masks
  • Social distancing
  • Sanitization 
  • Disinfect with washing 

These conventional ways are really helpful in beating the coronavirus. Surviving the situation has become of utmost importance than avoiding one. A study conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that one in every 10 people became a victim of their family members. The study confirms that Coronavirus is capable of human-to-human transmission. Even if you say that you do not step out of the house, let’s face the fact, there is no escape from this virus.

Technology in the healthcare sector has seen a boom, that it has not seen in the last 17 years. No one can assure that technology will completely kill the virus but it surely helps in decreasing the rate at which the virus is spreading. It is the only option until scientists find a medicinal cure. There are various technology gadgets which have come up with innovations that can act as a shield to protect from viruses. The technology which is really impactful in this deadly virus (corona) is UV rays.

UV(Ultraviolet) rays are radiations which naturally exist in sunlight. But thanks to technology now it is possible to generate UV rays artificially. The UV rays are a medium to detect and kill viruses, germs, or bacteria. It might be surprising to know that it is also effective for eliminating coronavirus.

These rays are of different types each having a distinct side effect. 

  • UVA light can cause skin damage.
  • UVB light is the reason for skin cancers.
  • UVC light is the most energetic layer of UV rays to which humans are not naturally exposed. But there are various gadgets through which humans are killing viruses by using UVC light.

Misconceptions about UV Light

UV light has come to known as a famous and successful technique to kill viruses. Still there are certain myths that scare people away from using UV Light for safety.

  • Exposure to the Sun can protect you from COVID-19, this is not a true statement as it exposes to its UVA and UVB light. These are less effective in killing SARS-CoV-2 but harmful.
  • Using a UV lamp on your body can protect you from COVID-19. In actuality, it only disinfects surfaces and body parts which reduces the risk of exposure but not completely protects you.


Despite this, the reality is, that the exposure of UV rays can inactivate the virus in 9 minutes only. It can be used for disinfecting air where it can kill 99.9 percent of airborne coronaviruses in approximately 25 minutes, and for surfaces, it can kill 99.7% only in 30 seconds.

Keeping in mind this fact different products are invented by many companies such as Arista Vault has come up with a Shuddhi-Box, Handrail Sanitize by Kone’s which are using UV rays technology to fight corona virus and disinfect the matter in the earliest possible time.

First, there is a need to understand whether all UV sterilizers are the same or not. The answer is a big No. They might seem to be the same but there are existing flaws whether in design, technology, ease of use, and a few other factors.

Final Note

One should never depend on a single method when it comes to safety, use the combination of technology with regular precautions of masks, social distancing, and many more. Even after taking the regular precautions you are still at a high risk of infection because of the close contact with the surfaces, objects, other items might be left infected.

The technology has stepped up to reduce the risk of Coronavirus using UV rays. It effectively kills 99.9% of viruses and other harmful organisms. Make use of technological advancements and stay safe.

How To Download Videos From YouTube?


If you want to know how to download videos from YouTube on your computer, phone, or tablet, that means you clicked on the right article.

Nowadays, all people want to be informed. And one of the informational and trending webpages is YouTube. Sometimes you get videos that inspire you, and you want to download them for the further watch.  So if you want to download videos from YouTube, you need to learn some tools that will help you to do that.

Sometimes we ran out of internet connection, for example, when we travel by bus, or on a train we get bored. So we need to do something to pass the time (to amuse ourselves) till we get to our destination. Does this lead to Thinking about what can be done? Here’s the solution: we download our favorite videos from YouTube beforehand. But the challenge is that YouTube mainly doesn’t allow us to download videos directly. And sometimes, it is considered illegal to do that.

Many tools are available which will help you to download videos from YouTube, and one of them is the option that we checked out. Though it is mandatory to know the right website or the right tool for downloading videos, otherwise, your phone, tablet, or computer can get a virus.

Steps That Will Help You To Download Videos From YouTube

For downloading the videos on YouTube direct to your device, you need to fulfill some requirements which are as follows:

  • You need to be a premium member of YouTube.
  • Select the country/region where you can have access to download videos, i.e. downloading the YouTube video is allowed.
  • You can download the videos which you have uploaded.

Actions to be taken before downloading :

  • On the top of the screen click on your profile 
  • Click on settings there and select “background and downloads”
  • Turn on access to SD card to save videos.

It can be a challenge if you don’t have an SD card on your device, you need to install it on your device to save your downloaded videos.

Note: if you don’t install the SD card or provide it the access to save download videos, they will automatically get saved to the internal storage of the device.

Also, you should ensure that the SD card is having sufficient space to get the video that is in process of downloading.

Steps you need to follow if you are a premium member

Step -1

Now select the video you want to download.


Click on the download icon present right under the video or you can also click on three horizontal dots for more options. 

Step- 3

When you are done with the download of the video, the tick mark will become blue.

The above steps will help you out in downloading videos if you are a premium member of YouTube. But if you are not a premium member you might not able to access videos by downloading them. You don’t need to worry we have also come up with a way by which you can download videos without being a premium member. Keep on reading the article for further information.

Steps to follow if you’re not a premium member of YouTube 


Open up YouTube in a web browser. You can use any web browser that works for your computer, phone, or tablet.


The next step is to select the video you want to download, and it will start playing.


Now you should tap the web address at the top of your web browser—this will highlight the address.


Write down ss before the word YouTube like in the example



A new page will open up, and it will ask to download the video with the help of Savefrom.net or to download without using that tool. It is up to you to download the video with or without that tool. But you’ll not be able to download it from Savefrom.net now it is no more accessible, so you just click to download without that tool.


A new page opens up, and you click the button download and wait till the video is downloading.

Final Note 

Following these steps, you’ll be able to download any video you want. You don’t allow you to download the videos directly unless you are a premium member of it, Now you can enjoy videos anywhere, anytime by just following the above-mentioned steps and using the third-party platform. We have mentioned above one platform but many other options such as keepVid, y2mate,videoder to help you out to download the videos. You can continue with your entertainment without the internet with a few simple clicks.

How To Use The New Google Pay App? 


Google with the launch of the Google Pay app has brought together the ways by which payments can be done in seconds. This app acts as your digital wallet and provides an easy way to send money to your friends and family, purchasing without carrying any extra wallets like earlier days. The app directly links to your bank or cards through which payments can be made by tapping on your Android or iOS.

As the number of crimes has increased Google Pay in India provides a safe and secure platform to transfer money, to clear your bills and also one can easily do recharges by using google pay recharge.

How To Download or How To Set Up Google Pay?


You can download the app if your mobile android version is lollipop or any other updated version. If you are in the US then by using GPay you can transfer money only, otherwise, you can use other options also, before that check whether this app is available in your country.

 Google Pay On iPhone

    1. You can make online purchases, buy tickets, or boarding passes using this app. Only those users who live in the US or using IOS 7 are able to make online transfers of money.
    2. If you meet the above Google Pay criteria then go to the play store and download the Gpay app.
    3. Open the app, select the language and enter the phone number. Allow necessary permission and enter your google account and wait for verification.

For Android User

    1. Being an android user you have to add your card details and add any password or fingerprint or the safety feature. The google pay app do not work by face recognition.
    2. Make sure to turn on the NFC o your mobile. If you have any other method for payment, then you may need to make google pay as default.)
    3. If you are writing about Android separately then also write about iPhone 
    4. Add your account details and select your payment methods.

About Google Pay App

Google launched this app a few years ago and over time its users are increasing. Google pay is the payment app that works on both android and IOS versions. This app has no monthly fees and no draft charges. 

This app can only be open in one place at a time means you cannot open your app through any device as if trying to open google send some security notification to prevent.

Paying friends and business is the basic use of this app. You can pay your friend, split bills, dinner, and more, share money, and also can check who is in debt. You can also be able to set group payments. It also has a feature of QR code and with the help of this, you can share money without sharing your contact information.

Last version of this app has not many options, but the new version has many options in it. By this you can even order your meal, and you can check your receipt. 

New versions of google pay is money made simple and which you can link to your email account and google photos so you can have an image of your receipt and it will use OCR technology to scan through them and maintain finance.

Google pay helps you with your business plans, you can check recent transactions, past purchases, and sales. It can also provide offers on any object and it can be directly adding to your object which is in the cart.

This app helps you keep your credit, debit, or any other card on the touch of your hand. It has made your shopping wallet free. You can purchase anything anywhere and at any time. By the help of this you can add fuel from any fuel station and if in case you give money in hands then they can return you through this. You can check the offer or sale on any item available.

Another addition in this app is PLAID. Means this app acts as a middleman which provides you a full view of your account. You can check how much is spent, recent activity and view balance.

This app also provides help in getting plane ticket, boarding passes. You can also buy tickets for any concert or any other place. It  can help you in making transactions easily. And you can connect your Google Pay account to your bank account for more ease.

Google pay helps you in paying for parking which makes it quick and easy for users. It is designed in a way that helps in making commuting stress free and saves commuters’ time. When you download the app there is an option of passport parking which allows the user to pay for parking without need of filling the application form.

You can earn rewards and sometimes cashback on your transaction which  can help you to ease your business.

According to google privacy policy, your account details are not shared with anyone. Only google pay can enter your account to provide you any offer and any information.

In 2021 google will launch  a new banking service called PLEX and it will help you in checking your account but keep in mind it will not provide any banking service by itself rather it will connect some online banks. Google has lined some banks which will provide their services from 2021.

How To Transfer Money Through WhatsApp Payment?


WhatsApp is the most popular platform on which millions of users are connected. In its initial phase, users prefer it for chatting. But over time, it has come up with amazing features to improve the connectivity and the user experience. Recently it has rolled out the disappearing message feature. Now the dependency on digital transactions is increasing because of advancements and the covid19 situation. Once again it has rolled out a completely amazing feature: WhatsApp payment feature. Many of you might be in doubt about how to transfer money through the WhatsApp payment feature.

WhatsApp has formally introduced the WhatsApp Payment feature in India. It uses the (UPI) Unified Payments Interface framework of the country. This enables you to do the transactions without facing any interruptions.

If you are interested know in how to transfer money through WhatsApp payment keep on reading the article. We have compiled the complete guide here.

Before starting with the guide let’s check out how to get started with WhatsApp payment.

How To Activate WhatsApp Payment?

To begin with, for payments on WhatsApp :

Initially, you need to set the account and link your bank account to the WhatsApp payment. As mentioned above it uses UPI, which works with your phone number, and the service can be accessed with all major banks in India.

Note: If you’re one of those who are not having a UPI accoun

t linked with your bank, then also you can make use of the WhatsApp payment option it is because it will create a UPI ID.

Here’s what you need to know to set up the services


First Open your WhatsApp. From there click on the 3 dots placed vertically at the top right corner.

How To Activate WhatsApp Payment? Step 1


After that, the dropdown will appear, select payments from there.

How To Activate WhatsApp Payment? Step2- AHT


The screen will appear with two options:

Check payment history 

Payment methods 

  • In this click on the add payment method

How To Activate WhatsApp Payment? Step 3-AHT


After clicking on Add Payment Method, click on accept and continue to proceed.


Now from the list of banks appearing select your bank.

Note: In the selected bank there should be a primary UPI Account.

How To Activate WhatsApp Payment? Step 5- AHT


Afterward, verify your mobile number. Ensure that the number you’re using on WhatsApp and the number registered with the bank is the same as the former.

Select the option of verifying through SMS to validate the bank account.

How To Activate WhatsApp Payment? Step 6- AHT


Click on allow, this will enable WhatsApp to verify that you register the same SIM card with the bank.

How To Activate WhatsApp Payment? Step 7- AHT


Select the allow once again on WhatsApp to send texts to authenticate your account.

How To Activate WhatsApp Payment? Step 8- AHT


WhatsApp will fetch all the accounts registered with your number after all the verification with your bank.

How To Activate WhatsApp Payment? Step 9- AHT


As per your convenience, you can select one which you wish to use, then setting up payments through WhatsApp will be finished. Click on done.

How To Activate WhatsApp Payment? Step 10- AHT

WhatsApp Pay 2020  enables the users to transfer money to the available contacts, then it will enable UPI ID. Transactions can be done :

By entering the UPI ID users can conveniently send money to the available contacts.

Also, the people who are not available in your contact list of yours, through a QR code, can receive the money from the user.

How To Send Money Using WhatsApp?


Firstly open up WhatsApp Pay.  now because your bank account has been already verified and added, you’re up to do the transaction.


 Select the contact to which you want to transfer the funds. 


Visit the Payment option.


From there choose the bank account to which you wish to transfer money.


Enter the UPI PIN and the amount you need to transfer. After this, your transaction will be done.


In the future, this payment feature of WhatsApp will be useful to face challenges while making the payment. WhatsApp is the most used messaging platform and by using the same digitally, the payments can be transferred. Every feature of WhatsApp its payment feature is well-design, keeping in mind all the security and privacy options. Now, this WhatsApp feature can be accessed on both Android and iOS. WhatsApp is no longer only a messaging app but more than it. It offers the mixed services of chatting, calling, sharing, and now making payments also with many other advanced features.

How To Edit MS Office Files From A Gmail Attachment?


Google is always on the mission to constantly adapt to the changes to improve the user experience. This time it has come up with the unification of Gmail with Microsoft Office files which will enable users to edit MS Office files from a Gmail attachment.

With this great facility, individuals will be able to edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files without exiting from Gmail, and he/she can maintain the document’s original file format. we have come up with ways how to edit MS Office files from a Gmail attachment. Before that there is the dual benefit of this feature which are as follows:

First is, you can start editing your document in just a minute instead of waiting for downloading the file. Let’s understand this with an example, suppose you have received an excel file, now editing can be done with a single click.

Now all MS- Office attachments will have an inbuilt edit option and once you will be finished with the editing part you will be able to share the files then and there via email.

Google is making it very simpler to work with MS-Office files. Also, organizations are also permitting the clients to straightforwardly edit and modify the files in Gmail, much like it as of now permits with Google Docs or Sheets documents.

Google Workspace, comprising( Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and Calendar) is now compatible to do editing in no time.

Edit MS Office File With Google Apps

Google has transformed the way an individual can edit its documents as simple as possible. To open and edit Excel files: You need to hover the cursor over the attachment and select the pencil icon. 

The file will be accessed for editing in Google Sheets. With one click only You can convert and open the file.

Three steps are to be followed to open and edit the attachments (Word or PowerPoint):


Click on the screen anywhere in the attachment to open it, except the “Download” or “Save to Drive” tabs. This will enable you to view the attachment in preview mode.


 Select the blue tab “Open With” (at the bottom right corner of the screen) to get options.


Select “Google Docs” or “Google Slides” to open the Word or PowerPoint document. This will convert the file and open it for editing in Google Apps.

Edit MS office File With Office Web Apps

Desktop users which prefer to make use of MS-office web apps to view and edit attachments obtained via Gmail.  The dedicated team responsible for building office web apps has done great work, the result of which is that the apps can be accessed in any browser. 

Microsoft’s SkyDrive and Office Web Apps enable you to upload and edit the attachments in any format whether it be a( Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) received in Gmail.


Roll your cursor across the attachment and click on the “Download” symbol(the down arrow), this will save the document on the device.


To have access to Microsoft’s Web Apps visit  Skydrive. You need to sign in to the Microsoft account.


Click on “Upload”, then select the document saved in the first step. The document will display on the SkyDrive list. Click on it to have a preview.


 Choose the options:

  • “Edit Presentation” 
  • “Edit Presentation in Web App”

This will open your document to edit online.

After you are done with the editing, you can share your file in a standard Microsoft Office format file.

Limitations of the upgrade

Neither Google Apps nor Microsoft’s Web Apps uploads all the highlights of the installed version of Office. If you are working on complicated documents you might experience issues with formatting or font substitution.

Important Note For Chromebook Users

Note: Both the above methods will be great for editing the attachments on Chromebook.  However, an internet connection is required in the case of Office Web Apps.

  • In case you edit the attachment with Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets all can be done offline. 
  • If you are not sure about the internet connectivity it is better that you use Google apps as an option for editing.

Final words 

Editing the files from Gmail attachment has been a time saver for many users.  Earlier documents should be in google drive to modify them but today it is not the case. Files can be edit directly from Gmail attachments. Apart from it, Google is updating to improve the orientations(horizontal and vertical)of documents. Also, it has considered the image orientation such as behind text or the watermarks and many other options. All the things will contribute to the better encounters of your with the final documents. 


How To Grab A Student Discount On Spotify (50% Discount And Free Trial)


Spotify is the most popular music streaming platform where you can have access to high-quality music. One who is passionate about music prefers to have streaming services of Spotify. But everyone cannot afford the subscription of Spotify premium yearly especially the students. Now Spotify comes up with an offer for students. If you want to know how to grab a student discount on Spotify? keep reading the article

Initially let me share with you why Spotify is the first choice when it comes to streaming music platforms 

  • It has over 50 million songs, albums, playlists, and podcasts. 
  • Enables you to create a Customized listing of music depending on the events.
  • Browse the collections of friends, artists, and others on Spotify. you can also create, therefore it is very easy to find the right track every time you open it.

In this article, we have shared all the benefits and details related to student discounts on Spotify. Stay tuned to know how to avail this capitative opportunity. 

Spotify is not free of cost and everyone can’t afford those prices for streaming. Hence it has come up with special students where they can enjoy the premium services of Spotify for a highly discounted price. 

What All Spotify Student Discount Comprises?

Benefits can be availed with a special student plan of Spotify :

How To Grab A Student Discount On Spotify (50% Discount And Free Trial)

  • Half of the original price will be the discount price for students i.e. original price/2.
  • 1-month free trial for students will be free or in some regions, it’s 3 months free trial.
  • One can access unlimited ad-free music.
  • There are no limits to downloading songs.
  • US users can get Add-ons like Hulu and Showtime as a bonus.

Eligibility Criterion For The Spotify Student Discount 

  • You need to be a student who is currently enrolled in an accredited university or college.
  • Your age should be more or equal to 18 years.
  • You must have official documents of yours such as an enrollment letter, fee receipt, or any other to upload it with the purpose of verification.
  • Spotify offer must be offered in your college or region.  

How To Grab The Spotify Student Discount?

Let’s take look at the steps you need to follow to get the best deal offered by Spotify. First, need to open the browser and start following the below steps :

Get started with the steps to Student Discount


Visit the student discount page of Spotify www.spotify.com/us/student. On this page, Spotify offers you Hulu and Showtime with its plan. Here you need to select “Get Started”.


If you don’t have an existing account on Spotify, create a new account to register on it. If this is not the case and you are already having an account just sign in to that.


Now verification form will appear on your screen, you need to enter all your information there and then click on “Verify”.


After you select “Verify” you will be directed to SheerID’s page. It will take some time to verify whether you are a qualified student or not. Once verification completed, the process will automatically be completed. 


Then you need to mention the following details:

  • Enter your billing address.
  • Choose a payment method.
  • Complete the checkout.

 After that, you can play your favorite songs.

These are simple steps by which you will easily get Spotify for 50% off as a student. 

Automatic Verification Failed

If your automatic verification for student discount fails, you can also do verification manually. There we have mentioned the steps for this rare situation.

  • ‘Step-1’ and ‘Step-2’ will remain the same as above.


When you see the verification form on your screen don’t start information there. Instead, scroll it down and select the option “manually verify”


After the above step, another verification form will appear. Complete that form by filling in all your details and proceed by clicking on “next step”.


Now select “choose file” and “select a document” as proof for your enrollment, and upload it. Then click on the ‘Upload Document’ tab. Additional documents can also be uploaded by clicking on “‘Add another file”.


While the verification process is on the way, till then you need to wait. After completing, the payment page of Spotify will appear on the screen. On this page, you need to enter:

  • The billing address.
  • Choose a payment method and complete the checkout.

If you still face any difficulty, you can contact Spotify’s customer support. 

Final Note 

At present there various different platforms where you can stream all kinds of music. Spotify captures the best place on this list. Discounts offered by Spotify to students makes it unique from others. You can enhance the music experience with the best services of Spotify after availing of a student discount.

How To Stay Beautiful During Covid-19?


Covid-19 has hit us hard and everyone is still trying to overcome the situation. This current situation has changed the way we work, hangouts, and also the lifestyle. If we think about the flashbacks, earlier we used to focus on our lifestyle. Anytime we used to go out whether for work or to chill, being presentable is a necessity. The pandemic has left all of us with a void and skincare. But there is a need to shift the focus on how to Stay Beautiful During Covid-19.

If I talk about myself initially when I got to know about the lockdown it was shocking. The first thought that strikes me, that now is the time where I only need to tie my hair up. I left the makeups aside. After the situation worsened I realized that I needed to change the perspective.

How to stay Beautiful?

Whether or not I am going out there is a need to hamper and take care of our skin and health. These two things matter to stay beautiful during the covid-19. To you guys also I can only suggest that it is important to focus on yourself before it’s too late. Here are some tips that will help you to Stay Beautiful During Covid-19.

Ways You Can Stay Beautiful During Covid-19

You also need to change your perception, utilize this plenty of time available by focusing on self beauty.

 Do Clean up 

You can use it as your morning routine. Cleanse your skin regularly after waking up in the morning. Any Cleansers or face wash that suits your skin can be taken for skincare. So you need to add it in a routine to use one of them for your skin. Wash with it every morning just after waking up for beautiful and healthy skin.

Apply The Moisturizer 

Moisturizer can do wonders for your skin. Our skin loses water throughout the day so it is really important to keep it hydrated. For that reason, you need to apply moisturizer as soon as you wash your face. It will keep the skin hydrated for really long hours. Also, you can apply the moisturizer to all the potions which are getting dry and get rid of the same

Skin Mask

How to stay Beautiful during covid-19?

Skin masks have ingredients that will boost our skin and will help our skin to glow. You can apply skin masks twice a week or at least once in three days to get better results. 

  • Choose the best skin mask that suits your skin.
  • Apply it to your face for not more than 15 to 20 minutes. 

This will help you to cure and deal with particular problems that our skin faces frequently like acne, dehydration, open pores, etc. A face mask can also be made at your home with easily available ingredients at the home only.

SPF(Sun Protection Factor)

How to stay Beautiful during covid-19?

SPF is another essential that is needed to stay beautiful. This will help you to protect your skin from the harmful sun rays. Even if you are at home, skin still comes in contact with some amount of sun rays which are as harmful as we go out. So even if you are at home you should regularly apply sunscreen.

Perform Meditation And Exercises 

Meditation will help you become stress-free and will also help you to have a focus on every activity. It helps to make our minds open to awareness. It helps to reduce negative emotions, increases blood circulation in our body. Also, mediation brings peace to life, helps in slowing down the aging process, boosts your self-confidence. Due to covid-19, your contact with the outside environment has completely lost. To stay beautiful and fit you can also perform yoga and exercises.


Try out DIY’s 

Why not try some amazing DIY’s, as there is plenty of spare time. Most of you might have seen a lot of DIYs on social media. This is the time you can apply all these. Some of them are: 

  • If you have dry hands, you can use the mixture of coconut oil, and shea butter with a drop of jojoba oil.
  • For body scrub just mix brown sugar and coconut oil, add a drop or two of essential oil.

There are many more you can find on Instagram or YouTube which can be useful. 

Final note 

It is important to take care of yourself to be beautiful inside out. Make a routine to follow and stand up for your beauty and skincare. In this daily routine, you can include beauty products that you usually prefer, you can embrace yourself with different tips, and tricks. Also apart from the ways already mentioned you opt for any other way because they are endless. Not only Morning routine you should also have a night care plan to stay glowing and beautiful every day.

How To dress up for your honeymoon?

Weddings are tiresome and 2020 Covid-19 hasn’t made it any easier. Adding restrictions on travel plans and other activities. But with the world healing again, you are all set with a new plan for your honey moon. After months of living in your pajamas; splurging in the perfect cord set, or a breezy dress on your honeymoon is all the therapy you need!

How to stay beautiful during Covid?

Honeymoon Checklist

We know, you want to look fantastic and stay on top of your outfit game for this very special getaway. So, we are here to help you look and feel most your fabulous and amazing self. We have put together some elegant and feminine outfits with a bit of spice for you to make your special time with your loved one even more special.

The outfits that you need with you will depend upon the places you will be traveling to. The climatic conditions of the place are going to play a massive role in what you need to pack. Moreover, you will need a different look for beaches, city tours, parties, and formal dining.

Honeymoon outfit for beach

There are no strict rules, but you obviously want to look your best and put effort into your outfit and overall look. Here are a few helpful tips to get you started sorting.

  • For a tropical honeymoon, you will need more sundresses and beachwear.
  • If you are traveling to a place with a cold climate, you would want to keep jackets and sweaters for layering up.
  • Keep a few basic items like tees and jeans that you can wear with all your layering
  • If you are going to a hot and humid place, you might want to pack light clothes like crop tops and

Mix and Match Honeymoon Outfit

While packing the thing to remember is always keep the climate and environment in mind to pick the outfits that are elegant and at the same time comfortable according to the environment.

You should always have accessories to go with the outfits like necklaces, bangles, rings, cross bags or clutches, leather belts, sunglasses, hats or scarves. Be careful to pair up and don’t over do it.

Same goes for your make up, do not over do it. Keep it minimal and use more natural shades of your skin tones. You don’t want to look overdressed all day. Let your skin breathe. And don’t forget to bring your skin care products. They are a must for your skin to regenerate after the stress of the wedding, your skin needs caring.

Pick colors that highlight your features. Dressing in colors that highlight your eyes or hair are always amazing. Colors that contrast with your skin are a great choice. Let the florals bloom to your rescue, because why not? You can also pick earthly colors for monochromatic looks with minimal makeup highlighting your eyes.

Shine on your honeymoon

Shopping for honeymoon is just as hard as the rest of the shopping for your wedding. But we got your back girl!. We are here with our top picks for your once in a lifetime experience.

Shine on your honeymoon

Here is a list of outfits that will go perfectly with your day.

  • Maxi dresses/ Jumpsuits for discovering the secret hidden in the cities’ streets.
  • Slip dresses are always a great idea.
  • Casual wear for lounging around.
  • Evening wear for your fancy dinner dates.
  • Off – shoulder top for shopping spree.
  • Beachwear add some rompers and see-through draping dresses.
  • Lacy dress are always fun and exciting.
  • Sweaters to stay warm (you don’t wanna fall ill on the most romantic getaway).
  • Mini skirts and Tank tops or Button down shirts paired with some denim.
  • Silk satin dresses/ Silk tops for an elegant, classy and chic look.
  • Ruffle or asymmetric sarees/ ethnic wear are always great for exploring and enjoying the Indian heritages.

For cold regions, Layering your outfit always makes it look more chic and put together. It helps you stay warm and look more elegant. We recommend starting with a plain shirt or t-shirt, then adding a blazer and then adding trench coat over it. Pair them with heeled boots, a crossbag and some cool hat/scarf or some earrings, rings and sunglasses will add a classy look.

Spice up your Honeymoon

Making a few changes to your look makes a lot of difference. But the best ingredient we always recommend is always self confidence and self love. Picking lingerie that highlights your features and your dress is a bonus.

Follow the rule of eyes or lips in make up. Either highlight your eyes with bold liner + Kajal and keep your lipstick color neutral and light or use dark and bold lipstick and keep your eyes makeup minimal

For jewelry opt for either layered necklaces and very small earrings or large earrings with a very soft delicate necklace.

Know your style, know your body type and clothing items that you are comfortable in. Going beyond your comfort zone is always amazing but we recommend not going too far that you start to feel all eyes on you.

Be your best self and enjoy this amazing time with your better half to the fullest without letting your fears intervene. We wish you a beautiful journey ahead with your partner.