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How to download Facebook data?


Millions of users are present on Facebook and are continuously involved in sharing their personal information, pictures, posting videos, messages, or statuses for enjoyment, basically it is crowded with a lot of data which is like a history of every activity which has been done by an individual since the beginning. If you are one of those who want to know how you can save information on Facebook. Keep reading the article.

Download Facebook data

Before starting there are reasons because of which one desires to download the archive or in simple words download the Facebook information: 

  • You have fear of losing their valuable data.
  • When you decide to delete your Facebook account permanently they feel important to download your data.

You can Know more about How to delete your Facebook account? here.

Downloading Archive is very important for the user and now it can be effortlessly. 

Steps To Be Followed For Downloading Facebook Data

To guide you in downloading the information on Facebook. Let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow.


Firstly you need to Sign In to your Facebook account.


Click on the Accounts in the top right corner and tap on “Settings and Privacy” there.


Select settings and from the panel on the left corner and click on “Your Facebook Information”.

Facebook information


From the various options present there select “Download Your Information”.


Now Select “Request Copy”


You can also download complete information or select various categories of information you want to download by clicking on the checkbox.


Other available options you can select for downloading Facebook data :

  • The date range of information.
  • Format of information you need.
  • Quality of information i.e. photos, media, and videos.


To give confirmation for downloading the file click on “Create File”. You will be notified once the file is ready for download.

Information will start downloading and the status of which will be pending until the file is completely downloaded which will be reflected in the available copies tab.

Note: You need to enter your password twice because of security reasons as this data is sensitive for every individual.

Wish to download Instagram data too? Know more about it here.


Always try to download all your information on Facebook especially when you delete your account because in that case you will never be able to retrieve the same again and you will be encountered with your entire journey on Facebook.

How to take a screenshot on Mac(Macintosh)?


Many of us prefer to capture screenshots of whatever we see and like on-screen while scrolling or doing work as they are more convenient to take. One can use them to describe the steps to another person, saving images and any other thing you like on screen. Now the question is how to take the screenshots?

PCs that have windows taking screenshots are just in time action, but if we talk about Mac, though Apple, has not provided a specific key for taking screenshots. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t take screenshots on it.

If you are new to using a Mac or one of them who is not aware of how to take screenshots on a Mac let me explain it to you. We agree that having no specific key to taking a screenshot on Mac feels like a bust, but that doesn’t make a Macintosh any less of a Hi-Tech Gadget. The screen on Mac can be captured by using the keyboard combination and tools which are built-in for the same.

Want to learn how you can capture a screen on Mac whether the whole screen, a part of it, or a specific open window, take a keep reading this article for the solution.

Points to remember

  • The format in which screenshot is saved – Screen Shot + year + month + date at time AM or PM’.
  • The quality of the screenshot depends on the display monitor, the original monitor will be suitable for screenshots. Retina display is best.
  • To avoid the shadow in the screenshot, press, and hold, option key or Alt, to save.
  • To cancel the screenshot press ECS.
  • In Addition by putting ctrl to every keystroke, screenshots and can be saved to the clipboard in no time.

Screenshot on Mac

Taking Screenshot On Mac

 Keystrokes you need to know for capturing screenshots. 

1. Screenshot for the Entire Screen

  •  Firstly, the screen needed to be captured has to be opened.
  • Press Command  (⌘) + Shift + 3 simultaneously .
  • After this screenshot has been captured and saved as a .PNG file on the desktop.

2. Screenshot for Partial Screenshot

  • Press Command (⌘)  + Shift + 4  simultaneously
  • After this cursor will be turned into a crosshair, click and drag it to select the section you want to capture. 
  • It will be saved to the desktop (by default).

 3. A Specific Window On a Mac

  • First, you need to open the window 
  • Then press Command (⌘) + Shift + 5 simultaneously. 
  • Also, hold the spacebar while dragging.
  • The camera pointer appears on the screen.
  • Now you only need to select the portion to take a screenshot, the window will turn blue.

Note: In the Macbook Pro with a touch bar you will see these options on the OLED strip. For a screenshot of the Touch Bar display there, press  Shift+Command+6.

While keystrokes/keyboard board shortcut keys enable you with the limited option for screenshots, you can use the built-in Grab Utility for better access. As compared to keystrokes it provides you more options for the same.

Grab Utility for Screenshots

  • Find the utility folder by clicking on the finder or launchpad.
  • After clicking on finder from there, select the application at the left-hand corner.
  • Now you will see the utility folder at the right in the bottom.
  • In utilities, you will see grab and then double click to open it.

This will allow you to take four types of screenshots.

  • Selection 

The area you want to capture is highlighted by this option. You can click on selection or press Shift+Command+A. The highlighted box is dragged to select the region to capture it.

  • Window 

It enables you to choose a particular window to capture it. Click on the window or press Shift+Command+W.

  • Screen 

To capture the whole screen the  Screen selection option is exercised. Click on Screen or press Command+Z. Click anywhere on the screen.

  • Timed Screen 

This will capture the screen with a delay of 10 seconds. Select Timed Screen or press Shift+Command+Z. But to start the timer you need to click on the screen.


MacBook allows you to take screenshots with different methods, which all include simple steps to take screenshots. As the Mojave released, there are built-in screenshot tools in macOS for exercising control over screenshot, explained above. You can choose from the above method for capturing according to your preference.

How To deactivate Instagram account?


Today Instagram is considered to be one of the most popular social media platforms as compared to other platforms whether it be Snapchat, Twitter, or even Facebook. One of the reasons behind it is that it keeps on updating its features. This statement can be taken into account with an example that enables us to post the images in the grid form, making shot videos in the reel. It incorporates almost every feature to keep the user engaged with itself.

Deactivate Instagram

One always finds a better version of it while using it which makes it fun and loving app. Its feature of polls and reactions to stories make it distinctive from others. Many individuals are involved in showcasing their talent by connecting to audiences. In 2020 it is expected that the number of users will reach 112.5 million.

Tired of  Facebook too? We can help you with that.

As it provides really cool features not only for posting but also for connecting with others many of you might get addicted to this app and find it difficult to disable it permanently. But this is not a reason to worry, if you want to take a break from Instagram and spend the least time on it, you can opt for another option to deactivate Instagram account i.e. temporarily disabling it, where you can easily retrieve your account as per your convenience without losing any data of yours.

To keep your options open you can Know more about How To delete your Instagram account? here.

We have compiled the list of steps to guide you on how you can deactivate the Instagram account but before that, there are some points that you should know, which makes deactivation of an account a better option.

So please read How to download your Facebook Data? before you delete your account.

Steps To Deactivate Your Account

For deactivating your Instagram account you just need to follow simple steps :

Step -1

You need to sign in to your Instagram account via the Instagram website on mobile or PC browser.

Note: you cannot deactivate your account by signing in through its application on both ios and Android.


deactivate insta profile

Click on your profile picture on the top right-most corner where you need to select “Edit your profile”.


You will be taken to the new page where after scrolling it you reach the bottom of the screen, and in the right corner temporarily disable my account has to be selected.


The next step is to click on the dropdown list, for choosing the option from it for why are you disabling your account.


After that dialogue option will appear in which you need to enter your password.

disable temporarily

Lastly, to proceed with your action of deactivating click on “Deactivate your account”.

Important Points to Remember:

  • When you deactivate your account all your posts whether it be images, videos or others will become hidden on a temporary basis for everyone including your friends and followers.
  • You can easily retrieve your account, just by entering the user id and password again.
  • You can disable it only once a week.


One needs to think twice before deleting their Instagram account but deactivation can be done anytime as it provides you the flexibility to be in the same position where you left. For taking advantage of this flexibility, the most important thing is to remember your user id and password.

How to delete Facebook account?


Welcome to Ask How To, a collection of suggestions, tips, and guides to resolve your queries related to Technology, Lifestyle, Gadgets, Apps, Health, Beauty, and everything that you need to know about.

Tired of Instagram too? We can help you with that.

Facebook introduced as a platform that allows you to connect and create a huge network with individuals.  Also, it is releasing constant updates to stay in the competition. Each time I open my account I find something new. A number of platforms came into existence after Facebook, providing similar options of chatting, posting images or videos, with something extra, and personally, I believe is still better than Facebook due to which focus from Facebook has somehow shifted. I am also a person who initially spent a lot of time on Facebook but now the interest is lost, like me, it can be the case with some of you.

Also, there arise a lot of issues on Facebook related to the security of privacy due to which  74% of users have reset their privacy settings last year, or taken a break from the site, or delete the Facebook app from their phones. Now it has been making continuous efforts to become the most secure platform by ensuring privacy and having some transparency.

If you want to hold on to your account you can opt either for deactivating or for deleting it. There is a huge difference as deactivating is temporary closure and ( permanent ) deleting the account is really important to understand.

So to keep your options open you can Know more about How To deactivate your Facebook account? here.

If you have made up your mind to delete your Facebook account. In other words, if you are ready to lose your account forever by removing your Online presence from Facebook, firstly you need to understand some points.

Pointers that you should not take lightly :

  • If you forgot to opt for downloading the data, you will not be able to retrieve the data uploaded again. 
  • Access to the apps/accounts with the same Facebook account login won’t be possible.
  • All the chats or other messages will remain visible to them. Specific information, such as messages you’ve sent to friends, won’t be fully deleted and will remain visible to them.
  • You won’t be able to use Messenger.
  • Reactivation of the account will not be possible.
  • Access to Facebook messenger will not be anymore.

Steps To Delete Your Facebook Account

As of now, we have discussed a lot about things to be considered while deleting the account. Let’s now turn to the steps to be followed for the actual implementation of the action of deleting the Facebook account.

Step- 1

First sign in to your Facebook account. On the top right corner of the page click on the drop-down arrow. From that list the appeared, tap on settings.


Now from the left side panel select “your Facebook information”. Click on the “deactivation and deletion” screen with the separate option of deactivation and deletion.


delete Facebook account

From both the options select “permanently Delete Account”.

Then a page will be opened reflecting the suggestions of what to do before deleting-whether to deactivate your account or downloading your information. It’s totally optional.


Now proceed by clicking on continue to account deletion.

A dialogue box will appear where you need to enter the password, then click on continue, and your account will be deleted permanently.

Tip: Once you have deleted the account and not sure of this, you can cancel it within 30 days of doing it.


Above we have mentioned the steps to delete your account. To make you clear about the consequences of doing it, some pointers are also provided which need to be relooked before taking your final decision. They may help you to re-evaluate your decision. It is really important that you reconsider your decision to permanently delete your account instead of deactivating it. Be sure before you act on your decision as the Deletion of the Facebook account is irreversible.

How to delete Instagram account?


Instagram started as an idea to provide a social platform to share pictures. With the advancement in technology and the increasing competition across the social platforms, Instagram introduced mostly all the services that other platforms have. Instagram had the basic messaging service in the beginning but recently they updated and have brought in all the features of Whatsapp and Facebook messenger chats.

Delete Instagram

Another example is the introduction of Reels. Reels was introduced by Instagram, right after TikTok was banned in India and Instagram took advantage of the opportunity. The strategy worked to a great extent and Instagram is enjoying the benefits of the success of Reels.

With so much to do on Instagram people tend to spend a hell lot of time using the application. Posting pictures, making Reels, videos, video calls, audio calls, and chatting using the fun gifs and stickers sounds tempting and can take up a lot of your potential productive time. That can intimidate many people. I have felt that urge to delete my Instagram account like 100s of times. But I was never ready to really act upon it. If you are ready enough to do it then Good on you! I am here to back you up.

Tired of Facebook too? We can help you with that.

Before we proceed let me give you a tip. You should know that on Instagram there is a huge difference between Deleting the Instagram account and deactivating it.

So to keep your options open you can Know more about How To deactivate your Instagram account? here

If you have made up your mind about Deleting your Instagram account, Keep reading.

The very first step would be to save your Instagram data. If you have been using Instagram, so it is very obvious that you would have a few pictures, videos, chats, etc that you would like to save as memory or for the sake of any future references. So make sure to download your data first. Better safe Save than sorry. Right?

So please read How to download your Instagram Data? before you delete your account.

Steps To Delete Your Instagram Account

Step -1 

To permanently delete your Instagram account, you first need to log in to your account by visiting the Instagram website on the web browser of your mobile or on your PC.

Note: You cannot delete your account by logging in to the Instagram app.


delete your account: instagram

After logging in go to the “Delete Your Accountpage of your profile, where you will be asked a question.


Now from dropdown there you need to provide the answer to “why are you deleting your account” by selecting the reason for the same. If you don’t want to specify the reason you can select “something else”.


Then enter your password to continue the procedure for deletion of the account.


Lastly, click on the tab “permanently delete your account”. 

Important Points to Remember:

  • All the information on your account and account itself will be permanently deleted after the 30 days of such a request. 
  • Data once deleted along with the information cannot be retained.
  • While deletion is in process, your account will not be accessible to other people on Instagram.
  • If you decide to create the account again on Instagram, you cannot be sure to find the same username again.
  • Your username remains with the Instagram as Already Used. So you can change your username before you delete the account so you can find your username available in the future.


At last, if you just need to take a break from Instagram I suggest you deactivate your account, but if you are sure about deleting it your account, you just need to follow the above steps for the same, which are really easy to follow.


How to make Money Online


Welcome to Ask How To, a collection of suggestions, tips, and guides to resolve your queries related to Technology, Lifestyle, Gadgets, Apps, Health, Beauty, and everything that you need to know about.

Today everyone is internally inspired to earn money and become financially stable in the future but not able to decide how?  Covid-19 has made it really difficult to earn money with traditional routine and one needs to find alternatives for making money. I am also one of you, who was earlier confused about where to start and wanted to figure out the ways of making money online. As advancements in technology and the use of the internet have increased, it has influenced our lives to a great extent.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, thousands of people lost their jobs. The worst part was that people couldn’t even go out to find new ones. The options lessened down by hours. But What if I tell you that you can earn money by working from the comfort of your home and be your own boss? You might have heard this before, as we have seen the number of people searching for online opportunities for generating income by working online or for extra income. When I was searching for the options for generating income, I was amused to see that there are uncountable opportunities over the internet I am not aware of and am confused about what to do? What will be the correct path?

If you are passionate about your work, have a desire to earn money, you can do wonders in your life without missing the chance to keep on reading the article.

Let me share my research with you all based on which you can make a choice, about how to make more and more money online.



FreelancingFreelancing is all about working on projects without long term commitment. This may be working for yourself i.e. self-employed or you can target a company. With the increasing use of the internet and websites, this has become the most attractive option providing control and freedom in work life. You can choose your timing of work as per your convenience. Now doesn’t that sound very cool?

Countless websites are offering freelance opportunities. Some of which are: 

  • Truelancer.com
  • Freelancer.com
  • Upwork.com
  • Worknhire.com

You simply need to create an account and apply for work that you are interested in and $5-$100 can be earned through these websites.

“Change how you’re paid, change your life.”

― Richie Norton


 Online Surveys & Reviews

Through paid online surveys one can earn money online. For this prerequisite, is to sign up for as many paid surveys, or provide reviews on products, which in turn you will get an amount. While selecting this means, one needs to be extremely cautious as you need to share bank details, and chances of scams are high. The reputation of websites is one of the important factors. Bonafide websites which are providing the best online surveys are:

  • Swagbucks: offering  30 – 150 SB points (100 SB = $1 or £0.77) per survey
  • Toluna: offering 1,200 – 50,000 points (80,000 points gets you a £15 voucher)
  • Lifepoints: offering £1 approx. per survey.
  • Branded Surveys: amount here varies.

Make Money In Favour Via Content Writing


Content Writing

Another option we can opt for making money online is by writing articles and depending upon the standard of it. They might not be published in your name. Earlier writing is just a hobby, but now it has become a great opportunity for a career and you only need an internet connection, laptop or desktop, and some ideas in combination with the skill to write. Everyone has their own writing style due to which more efforts are put to match the client’s requirements and guidelines provided.

Want to know about where to start with writing, there are some websites available :

  • Wow Women: $50-$100.
  • Strong Whispers: $50 – $150.
  • Link-Able: $100 – $750.
  • Cracked.com: $100 – $200

Carry Out Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

image source: iStock

Providing tuitions at home or institution have become outdated, online tutoring is a new route from where you can make huge money by using digital platforms. In the current situation of covid 19, this has been increased. For Instance, teaching in colleges and schools has also shifted to online, in a similar way individuals can also start their career by teaching online and earn money. Here you can connect with students globally and teach the subject of your expertise.

You just need to sign up their profile  to the websites like Vedantu.com, Myprivatetutor.com

 Go Ahead With Affiliate Website 

For starting an affiliate website you need to join affiliate programs keeping in mind which will suit your own website.

This way can be used to earn money over the internet. A decision to build this website is based on a review of particular products. When individuals purchase the product via your link you will receive a commission. 

There may arise a thought that way is not that effective, but many sites are based on affiliate revenue only. Some of the successful Affiliate Websites are :

  • Nerdwallet, consumer finance (category )
  • Wirecutter, consumer product reviews(category)
  • PC Part Picker, computer parts (category)


Making money is easy, only if you have the right passion, and use it at the right time. I say this is the time to follow your passion. Select the path that you feel can make your destiny and earn money online. You can start right now. Write to me if you have any questions at all regarding How To Make Money Online?