How To Create An Effective SEO Strategy In 2021?

Strategy Effective in 2021

Search engine optimization is the top priority for every marketer for their websites. It is due to its potential to improve the quality of traffic on site and attracting new users. To get results out of the SEO make sure you perform it correctly. But it is a great challenge for individuals because it is evolving constantly and staying updated to that is difficult.

  • In Spite of this about  70% to 80% of users focus on organic results and paid listings are ignored.
  • Some 28% of those searches lead to conversions.

Therefore it is worth putting extra efforts into SEO. You need to create an effective SEO strategy for the coming years to stay competitive over the internet. But the main problem is to know how you can create a successful and effective SEO strategy. For this, some things need to be kept in mind which are mentioned below. But due to the technicalities involved, this task would be best done if handled by an expert. Technofy India is the best company to fulfill your business SEO needs and to drive away all your worries. They claim to provide a 360-degree solution to your problems. Their happy customers, from more than 50 countries, have confirmed their service quality.


When we talk about SEO, we need to plan an effective SEO strategy to achieve our goals in this highly competitive Digital World. Keep reading to find out the perfect SEO strategies that would help your business in 2021.

Elements To Be Calculated In Effective Seo Strategy In 2021

  1. Local keyword research 

To create an effective SEO strategy through local keyword research is necessary. You need to put your feet in the user’s shoes to understand them. This will provide you with the idea that what people are searching for is related to your business. At present Google is preferring an approach that favors local directory listings

When your website gets listed on the top page of search engines optimization of websites can be done for different queries. Most of the searches on search engines are to get solutions for local inquiries. For instance, users might search for nearby malls or outlets. 

2. Perform Data And Analytics 

This will let you understand the buyers determining the campaigns. Data science here can identify the pages not required, unusual traffic sources, spam sites, and many more. Analytics will provide you the information about URLs that are mostly crawled, identifying the referral sources, check page loading times, indexing, redirects, response errors, bounce rates. All of this can be captured through SEO tools. They will let you know where you are growing or lacking. Keeping that in mind gap can be filled easily.

3. Content Comprising Google EAT Principle

Quality content is crucial for ranking success. Quality according to google means that content stands to its EAT principle: expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. To ensure quality content first focus on buyer personas to know which content is valued by users. Map out the consumer journey and use this information to create content that your users will prefer. 

There might be a need for Content consolidation i.e. deindexing, upgrading, or merging content pages if possible. Link to other sites, like “.edu” and “.gov” URLs. As an individual, you might face issues in complying with the principal. Here you can go for the services of Technofy India.

4. Involvement Of Feature Snippet

The featured snippet rolled out initially in 2017. It has gained popularity and become essential for SEO strategy in the coming years. They are like shortcuts which can make your website rank higher in SERPs. Let me explain to you what the snippets actually are. When we type something to search you may see a box at the top of the SERPs, that’s a snippet.

They will help you get to your websites at a higher ranking and you can outshine your competitors. One needs to focus on queries that are question-based and useful keywords to get result-oriented snippets. 

5. Flexible Site- Mobile-Friendliness

Almost 73% of internet users prefer to access websites over the internet via mobiles in the coming years. Hence it is necessary that your website is mobile-friendly, this must be a foremost element in SEO strategy. Google rolled out mobile-first indexing in 2019. How effective your mobile site is can be verified with Google’s free mobile-friendly test. 

Be sure that “disallow directive” is not present so that the URLs can be crawled by google because then only your pages will be user friendly. Keep in mind that the same meta robots tags are used on both the platform i.e. desktop and mobile sites.

6. Get Links To Website

Getting links from other websites back to yours is really important for getting higher ranks on SERPs. There is logic to be thought that if nobody is linking to the website then why should google.

This element needs to be involved in your effective SEO strategy in 2021 as it provides authority to your websites. But make sure that you don’t get links that are considered as black hat by google as they can negatively impact your sites. It is known that quality black links and google’s search rankings are directly related, hence the focus should be on the same only.  


Seo is a vast concept, out of which the above-mentioned points seem to be the gist. There are other things also like semantic search and zero-click SERPs and more. Gone are the days when SEO services only constituted dealing with keywords. Of Course, they are most important but not enough. Now, one has to think about each possibility of preferring videos to Artificial Intelligence and to find an effective SEO strategy in 2021. Understanding of this for layman might not be his forte. Technofy India has a team of professionals, the expertise of which will provide you the resolution. Also, they deal in multiple types of domains some of which are custom web application development, SEO, custom app development for Android / iOS platforms artificial intelligence, and many more. So we personally assure you to try the services of Technofy India as we are one of the happy customers. 😉


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