If you want to know how to download videos from YouTube on your computer, phone, or tablet, that means you clicked on the right article.

Nowadays, all people want to be informed. And one of the informational and trending webpages is YouTube. Sometimes you get videos that inspire you, and you want to download them for the further watch.  So if you want to download videos from YouTube, you need to learn some tools that will help you to do that.

Sometimes we ran out of internet connection, for example, when we travel by bus, or on a train we get bored. So we need to do something to pass the time (to amuse ourselves) till we get to our destination. Does this lead to Thinking about what can be done? Here’s the solution: we download our favorite videos from YouTube beforehand. But the challenge is that YouTube mainly doesn’t allow us to download videos directly. And sometimes, it is considered illegal to do that.

Many tools are available which will help you to download videos from YouTube, and one of them is the option that we checked out. Though it is mandatory to know the right website or the right tool for downloading videos, otherwise, your phone, tablet, or computer can get a virus.

Steps That Will Help You To Download Videos From YouTube

For downloading the videos on YouTube direct to your device, you need to fulfill some requirements which are as follows:

  • You need to be a premium member of YouTube.
  • Select the country/region where you can have access to download videos, i.e. downloading the YouTube video is allowed.
  • You can download the videos which you have uploaded.

Actions to be taken before downloading :

  • On the top of the screen click on your profile 
  • Click on settings there and select “background and downloads”
  • Turn on access to SD card to save videos.

It can be a challenge if you don’t have an SD card on your device, you need to install it on your device to save your downloaded videos.

Note: if you don’t install the SD card or provide it the access to save download videos, they will automatically get saved to the internal storage of the device.

Also, you should ensure that the SD card is having sufficient space to get the video that is in process of downloading.

Steps you need to follow if you are a premium member

Step -1

Now select the video you want to download.


Click on the download icon present right under the video or you can also click on three horizontal dots for more options. 

Step- 3

When you are done with the download of the video, the tick mark will become blue.

The above steps will help you out in downloading videos if you are a premium member of YouTube. But if you are not a premium member you might not able to access videos by downloading them. You don’t need to worry we have also come up with a way by which you can download videos without being a premium member. Keep on reading the article for further information.

Steps to follow if you’re not a premium member of YouTube 


Open up YouTube in a web browser. You can use any web browser that works for your computer, phone, or tablet.


The next step is to select the video you want to download, and it will start playing.


Now you should tap the web address at the top of your web browser—this will highlight the address.


Write down ss before the word YouTube like in the example



A new page will open up, and it will ask to download the video with the help of Savefrom.net or to download without using that tool. It is up to you to download the video with or without that tool. But you’ll not be able to download it from Savefrom.net now it is no more accessible, so you just click to download without that tool.


A new page opens up, and you click the button download and wait till the video is downloading.

Final Note 

Following these steps, you’ll be able to download any video you want. You don’t allow you to download the videos directly unless you are a premium member of it, Now you can enjoy videos anywhere, anytime by just following the above-mentioned steps and using the third-party platform. We have mentioned above one platform but many other options such as keepVid, y2mate,videoder to help you out to download the videos. You can continue with your entertainment without the internet with a few simple clicks.


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