Weddings are tiresome and 2020 Covid-19 hasn’t made it any easier. Adding restrictions on travel plans and other activities. But with the world healing again, you are all set with a new plan for your honey moon. After months of living in your pajamas; splurging in the perfect cord set, or a breezy dress on your honeymoon is all the therapy you need!

How to stay beautiful during Covid?

Honeymoon Checklist

We know, you want to look fantastic and stay on top of your outfit game for this very special getaway. So, we are here to help you look and feel most your fabulous and amazing self. We have put together some elegant and feminine outfits with a bit of spice for you to make your special time with your loved one even more special.

The outfits that you need with you will depend upon the places you will be traveling to. The climatic conditions of the place are going to play a massive role in what you need to pack. Moreover, you will need a different look for beaches, city tours, parties, and formal dining.

Honeymoon outfit for beach

There are no strict rules, but you obviously want to look your best and put effort into your outfit and overall look. Here are a few helpful tips to get you started sorting.

  • For a tropical honeymoon, you will need more sundresses and beachwear.
  • If you are traveling to a place with a cold climate, you would want to keep jackets and sweaters for layering up.
  • Keep a few basic items like tees and jeans that you can wear with all your layering
  • If you are going to a hot and humid place, you might want to pack light clothes like crop tops and

Mix and Match Honeymoon Outfit

While packing the thing to remember is always keep the climate and environment in mind to pick the outfits that are elegant and at the same time comfortable according to the environment.

You should always have accessories to go with the outfits like necklaces, bangles, rings, cross bags or clutches, leather belts, sunglasses, hats or scarves. Be careful to pair up and don’t over do it.

Same goes for your make up, do not over do it. Keep it minimal and use more natural shades of your skin tones. You don’t want to look overdressed all day. Let your skin breathe. And don’t forget to bring your skin care products. They are a must for your skin to regenerate after the stress of the wedding, your skin needs caring.

Pick colors that highlight your features. Dressing in colors that highlight your eyes or hair are always amazing. Colors that contrast with your skin are a great choice. Let the florals bloom to your rescue, because why not? You can also pick earthly colors for monochromatic looks with minimal makeup highlighting your eyes.

Shine on your honeymoon

Shopping for honeymoon is just as hard as the rest of the shopping for your wedding. But we got your back girl!. We are here with our top picks for your once in a lifetime experience.

Shine on your honeymoon

Here is a list of outfits that will go perfectly with your day.

  • Maxi dresses/ Jumpsuits for discovering the secret hidden in the cities’ streets.
  • Slip dresses are always a great idea.
  • Casual wear for lounging around.
  • Evening wear for your fancy dinner dates.
  • Off – shoulder top for shopping spree.
  • Beachwear add some rompers and see-through draping dresses.
  • Lacy dress are always fun and exciting.
  • Sweaters to stay warm (you don’t wanna fall ill on the most romantic getaway).
  • Mini skirts and Tank tops or Button down shirts paired with some denim.
  • Silk satin dresses/ Silk tops for an elegant, classy and chic look.
  • Ruffle or asymmetric sarees/ ethnic wear are always great for exploring and enjoying the Indian heritages.

For cold regions, Layering your outfit always makes it look more chic and put together. It helps you stay warm and look more elegant. We recommend starting with a plain shirt or t-shirt, then adding a blazer and then adding trench coat over it. Pair them with heeled boots, a crossbag and some cool hat/scarf or some earrings, rings and sunglasses will add a classy look.

Spice up your Honeymoon

Making a few changes to your look makes a lot of difference. But the best ingredient we always recommend is always self confidence and self love. Picking lingerie that highlights your features and your dress is a bonus.

Follow the rule of eyes or lips in make up. Either highlight your eyes with bold liner + Kajal and keep your lipstick color neutral and light or use dark and bold lipstick and keep your eyes makeup minimal

For jewelry opt for either layered necklaces and very small earrings or large earrings with a very soft delicate necklace.

Know your style, know your body type and clothing items that you are comfortable in. Going beyond your comfort zone is always amazing but we recommend not going too far that you start to feel all eyes on you.

Be your best self and enjoy this amazing time with your better half to the fullest without letting your fears intervene. We wish you a beautiful journey ahead with your partner.

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