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How to make a Face Mask with fabric?

How to make a Face Mask with fabric?

The emergence of covid-19 has changed the way we used to live. As research is still going on to find the cure, it is recommended to take precautions of wearing face masks and sanitizing your hands. People can use face masks as per their convenience as in no time various types of masks such as N95, Surgical Masks or a mask made from fabric are available in the local market and also online. Out of all these fabric masks that are recommended the most. If you do not want to purchase the mask from the market or online, you can easily make the fabric masks at home, with your choice of fabric, suitable to your face size. As wearing the mask has become a “New Normal”, it has become a trending fashion too. People wear DIY face masks in various colors and different styles, matching their outfits.

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So if we see it as a Fashion statement, then you might need the instructions to make your own face mask at home. I give you very easy steps to help you with this, without making a hole in your pocket. These are the steps that I myself have tried at home, so well tried and tested.

DIY Face mask with Fabric

Before we discuss how to make a mask from fabric, let’s take a look at things to be considered before selecting the fabric for your face mask:

  • Different fabrics can be used to make face masks natural fibers, nylon including cotton.
  • Face masks made from tightly woven,100% cotton are the best. 
  • The main focus should be on the quality of the fabric.
  • Multiple layers of material should be used to increase the protection of your mask.

Let’s now discuss the detailed steps you need to follow to make a perfect fabric face mask yourself. 

How to make a Sewn Face Masks?

We have explained the instructions for both sewn and non sewn Face masks.

Let’s take a look at the first method 

For making masks by sewing, material requirements are as follow :

  • 2 Rectangles of fabric(10” x 6”)or (25cm-15cm)
  • 2 pieces of 6” elastics or rubber bands
  • Sewing machine and scissors 
  • Threads for sewing 
  •  Pins 


  • First, you need to cut the fabric into 2 rectangular shape pieces with dimensions of (10”x6”). To determine the difference in front and back of masks it is advisable to use two different color fabrics.
  • Now place one piece on top of the other. Remember that the piece on your side will be the inner side of the mask.
  • Now you need to fold the long side of the piece about ¼ the “ or 0.5- 1 cm. Put the pin to the folded portion to ensure that fabric doesn’t get separated and then hem for providing finished touch and stitch it.
  • Once you are done with hemming the length again fold the sides around ½ “ or 1.5 cm along with other sides and attach the pin and hem these sides and stitch it.
  • For making the ear loops for your masks, you require 2 pieces of 6” elastics or rubber bands.put them in the broader hem on both sides of masks by using a pin.take elastics out of the endpoints and tie the knots. If elastics are not available with you, strings can be used as an alternative but keep them long so they can be tied behind the head.

Some people face issues breathing while wearing the mask. The reasons might be the compromising age or medical situations. The pretty simple solution to that wearing a face mask with a filter. The mask is easy to sew, just add a filter to the above instructions. Keep reading to know exactly when and how to add a filter to your face mask.

How to make a Sewn Face Masks with Filter?

Face Mask with a Filter

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  DIY Non-Sewn Face Mask

Moving Forward now we will talk about Non-Sewn Mask, the requirements of which  are:

  • Piece of fabric (20″x20″)
  • Rubber bands 
  • Scissors 

Steps  To Make Ready To Wear Face Mask Yourself

  • Fold the piece of fabric around ( ½ ). Also, fold them from top to bottom and from bottom to top.
  • Now you need to place rubber bands at both, keeping the gap of about 6″.
  • Then fold them to the middle and tuck them.

You can also make a face mask with the help of a t-shirt

  • All you need to do is after taking the t-shirt which is somehow in good condition then cut out the piece from it of the size 7”-8” or (17cm -20 cm)after measuring it properly.
  • Fold it from each end to the middle of the piece. Repeat this step once more.
  • Keeping a few inches free creates a loop through the rubber band. Fold excess material around the band and add another layer.
  • Now it is ready to wear, make sure it fits your face.


At last, I just want to say, making a perfect mask is very simple but what is most crucial is to wear those masks. It should be ensured that it completely covers your face and simultaneously allows you to breathe properly. If you want your masks to look unique and creative, the printed fabric can be used. Also, you can match the masks with your dresses, and in this way along with the style you can ensure your safety which nowadays is the priority of every individual.



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