WhatsApp is the most popular application among users for connecting. This messaging app has more than 1 billion active users. The reason behind such great popularity is its updates and always rolling out new features. Recently it has rolled out WhatsApp payments, disappearing messages, and many other features. Does this increase the curiosity of users about what’s coming up next? Now you can talk to yourself on WhatsApp. If you want to know more about this latest update of WhatsApp you are at the right place.

Talk to yourself on the WhatsApp feature can be very useful for every individual. With this feature, one can have their important files, documents, and links, or any other things one click away. Apart from these, you can also maintain a to-do-list for a day very quickly and in logical ways.

 How to talk to yourself on WhatsApp?

Let’s have a look at steps how to talk to yourself on WhatsApp.

Here we offer you the alternatives so that you can send messages, pictures, voice notes, or any important file to yourself.  To learn more keep on reading the article.

Method-1 WhatsApp Direct


Firstly, you need to open the browser on your device (can be Google Chrome).


In the address bar enter wa.me//. Also along with that enter the country code and after that your mobile number. For instance, for UK country code is 44 then in the address bar you will enter –wa.me//4479XXXXXXXX


After that, a screen will open with an invitation to chat with the mentioned number and there will be a button that says “Continue to chat.” 


Click on continue to chat to proceed further.


After this, a new chat with yourself will pop up in WhatsApp and you can start sending yourself messages or different multimedia files.

Now your chat with yourself string has been created, it will always be there. At whatever point you need to bookmark a URL or connection, or allude back to a book sometime in the future, simply send it as a message in your string.

Also, you can keep utilizing the string similarly to some other WhatsApp chats, as long as you are not deleting it, or uninstall WhatsApp without having a backup.

Anchor chat for better  accessibility

If you want to open the chat with yourself more directly, WhatsApp offers you the convenience to keep up to three conversations at the top of the message list.

For that, you just need to press and the concerned chat which you want to Pin. select the 1st option on the top. To unpin the chat again you just need to deselect the option again.

You can also transfer money through WhatsApp using the new WhatsApp payment feature. To know more click here

Method -2 Create Contact

You can simply start the conversation with yourself on WhatsApp with this method as well.


In the first step, you need to save your WhatsApp number in the contact list, like you save other numbers. 


Now open your WhatsApp and refresh the contact list. For this, you first need to click on the message icon at the bottom screen, then on three vertical dots on the top. From there tap on refresh.


After this, you will see that your number is on the chat list. From there you can send the message and talk to yourself.

Method-3  Create A Group 


To begin with, talk to yourself on WhatsApp-you need to open WhatsApp.


Now from Menu, click on the New group.


Choose the group name and proceed further by clicking on the next.


Add any one of your friends to your group.


Tap on Create group to get done with the group creation process.


Now in your group, there will be only two members (you and your friend). The next step is to remove your added friend from the new group.


Now you will be the only member of the group. When you want you can send messages to this group and they will be sent to you only. 

Final note  

Above there are various methods that can help you to talk to yourself on WhatsApp with simple steps. This is the best way to keep important work handy and you don’t need to scroll down the previous chats to search for the message. Just forward it to yourself and access it whenever you want.


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