YouTube, one of the trending apps nowadays that, enables its users to create and to watch videos on the content of their interest. In total users watch more than 1 million hours of YouTube videos each day.

Are you bored of seeing the YouTube videos alone? And want to know the best apps to stream YouTube videos with your friends?

Here are some of the best apps which enable users to watch YouTube videos with their family and friends. Let’s check out these amazing apps to enjoy YouTube videos with your friends.

5 Best apps to Watch YouTube Videos together

  • Rave- Videos with friends

    Rave- Videos with friends

Rave – Videos with Friends, (or just known as Rave) is a free application for Android and iOS, which allows the user to watch videos, movies, series and even listen to music with their friends or unknown, even from afar, with a chat. This lets you watch YouTube videos with people across the world. 

  • Airtime

    Airtime - Watch Youtube Videos- AskHowTo

Airtime is another platform that allows users to do group video chat. It is for both iOS and Android. The only thing you have to do is just create a room and invite your friends to join it. It might be the best pick for you to watch YouTube videos with your family and friends. This app supports only 10 users at a time to do a group video chat.

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  • Squad

    Squad - Watch Youtube Videos- AskHowTo

The squad is a bit different as compared to other apps as it’s still under development. This app lets you share your screen instead of integrating YouTube videos. To enjoy YouTube videos with your friends using this app, you have to click on the ‘share screen’ option.

  • Plex VR 

    Plex VR - Watch Youtube Videos- AskHowTo

To have a theatre like- experience go with the Plex VR. This app lets you stream shows, movies, and videos from your Plex media server with your friends. This app supports only 4 users to have group video and chat.

  • myCircleTV

    myCircleTV - Watch Youtube Videos- AskHowTo

Last but not least my circlets app lets you, your friends and your family share YouTube videos. By creating a room you all can gather around the same YouTube video, at the same time no matter where you are.

These were some amazing Android apps that let people see YouTube videos together with their family and friends.

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So, as now you got the information about these apps then what are you waiting for? Go and check them out and share your experience with us about the app which you liked more.

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