ROBLOX is a virtual game and entertainment platform that provides a digital experience that connects people via play and they can unlock secret characters. It allows users to conceive, create, and play with their friends while exploring dynamic 3D experiences created by creators using their desktop design tool, Roblox Studio.

Do you enjoy anime and fighting? There is a Roblox game for you – An Anime Fighters Simulator. Gather a squad of the universe’s toughest fighters, train them until they are the best squad in the universe, and explore new worlds and previously undiscovered fighters. Roblox’s Anime Fighters Simulator is definitely a game of chance. In this game, combating foes and tactically selecting team members requires some skill. The heart of the game is mostly set by the characters you are given at random. As most people are aware, the more rare an ideal character is, the longer it is going to take to acquire. This is especially true for the game’s 12 secret characters, the RPG’s strongest group of warriors. Regardless of the fact that it can take up to a trillion yen to eventually draw someone of this quality. There are a few strategies that will save your time and money.

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How to unlock secret characters in Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator

To unlock secret characters in Anime Fighters, you must first open up a large number of stars. Secret fighters are exceedingly rare, even more so than fabled rarity heroes. If you acquire one, it is entirely by chance, although there are techniques to improve your odds. Secret characters, including mythical ones, are substantially stronger than conventional characters. So, if you want to have the best fighters in the game, aim to get these.

Speak to The Merchant to unlock secret characters

The Seller is, without a doubt, the simplest way to unlock secret characters. She can dress as a maid in several of the twelve major towns, however, she will change places every 24 hours. As you interact with her, you will be able to immediately purchase a secret character for a whopping 49,999 Robux. However, only a few mysterious Pity can sell outright with Robux, there is no easy method to swiftly gain all 12 characters.

Earn Star and Luck upgrade pulling characters

The simplest option for fans to do is to pull Pity at any official star shop area in the gameplay and hope for the best. As per the YouTuber trademark, your chances of finding a secret range from 1 in 130,000 to 1 in 970,000, relying on the character you’re hunting for and your luck rating. To increase your luck score, perform the work accessible in the Upgrade section on the right side of the screen. Most challenges involving higher luck require you to play for a set amount of hours.

When you will have time to hit any of these milestones, grab your award and your luck will rise by 1%. Sometimes creator also releases various special codes for Anime Fighters, to provide players with additional luck perks. For new players, ensure that you get the Extra Star improvement. For this, you need to reach Room 24 in the Super Island Time Trials. This boost will automatically grant you an extra star anytime you make the purchase at a star shop. It will save you at least half of your yen in your quest for a secret character.

To help you find a specific character, below are the planets from which each secret Pity can be drawn, in order of best odds.

unlock secret characters by Crafting

Crafting is already into the gameplay, and it may now obtain another mystery character. Because this is not identical to the ones you will earn from Stars, engage in raids to obtain shards that can create these new units! Crafting is the greatest hope for obtaining a secret Pity if you want to enjoy Anime Fighter’s Raid mode. This technique will enable you to trade in a few of their Raid Shards and Mythical Pity for higher odds of selecting a mystery. It’s a significant risk to forego an elite Pity like a Mythical, but you may save millions of yen by doing so. To create, go to the consoles near each town’s ship docks.

Auto-Lock Characters

Ensure to lock any mythological identities you obtain in the same settings panel. Also, keep in mind you don’t lock any identities you may not want to keep that will interfere with your fighter sales.

Spend Robux

You need to speed up the process of earning secret characters, as with other Roblox games, Cby purchasing some Robux. At 399 Robux, one can get the Fast Open Stars item, which will hasten the opening process. You can also purchase the Multi Open product for 799 Robux to unlock more stars when you buy one. When you go to buy characters, you’ll find them below the character list. These are completely optional, but they will help you get things done faster!

That’s all there is to it when it comes to unlocking secret characters in Anime Fighters Simulator. To discover more about the game, visit the Anime Fighters Simulator area of our website!

Automate Purchases to unlock secret characters

To acquire a secret character, you need to buy many warriors. You can use the automatic purchase option from the shop where you want to get a secret character. Each place has its own secret personality. Before you use this strategy, ensure you have as much Yen as possible. To auto-purchase characters, go to the shop and pick Q.  This should ideally be done overnight. Set up an auto-clicker to click occasionally during the night to make sure of abandoning the game.

Final Note  

Defeating opponents grants players Yen, the in-game money of Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator. You can use them to purchase Stars, which hatch random characters from the Common and Secret categories. This option quickly becomes pricey, but given that players may grind Yen or use Roblox codes.

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